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Tom Colcord

Episode 187:  Tom Colcord joins the podcast to talk about his work which has explored paintings based on observation, installation, and collage.  Tom was selected as one of Studio Break’s 2017 MFA Competition Winners, his current exhibition entitled Spectrum, on view at the Glass Rice Gallery in San Francisco, which runs through February 24th.

Tom Colcord      Glass Rice Gallery      iTunes

  • Door To Nowhere,2016,Acrylic on Panel,60x43_2
  • Shadow City, 2016, Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 29
  • Windows, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 12′ x 15_1
  • Slice of Life, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 40 x 23.5
  • Path,2015,Acrylic on Panel,38.5×24.5
  • Sailing, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 34 x 24.5
  • Go Southwest, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 34 x 24.5
  • Ocean View, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 29
  • Beyond, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 24 x 24
  • Reverse Boundaries, 2014, Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 22

Paul Silas Trapp

Episode 186:  Paul Silas Trapp joins us from Portland (OR) to discuss his paintings that include small scale and large shaped works that explore the ‘place’ by blending representation and abstraction.  Paul is currently working on a new series of paintings that will be exhibited at Untitled 2.0 Gallery in Grants Pass (OR) in September.

Paul Silas Trapp      iTunes

  • unsettling_FINAL_Build-a-Wall-iphone
  • unsettling_FINAL_install_web
  • unsettling_FINAL_freedom-from-want
  • RunTheJewels_FINAL_edit01_web
  • WomensMarch_FINAL_edit01_web
  • Headed-to-the-rally200dpi_Website
  • Wearing_hats_indoors_FINAL
  • 10612925_10152376087982809_3447282290883864539_n
  • Austin_FINAL01_cropped_website
  • delValle_04
  • delValle_01

Esteban del Valle

Episode 185:  This week Esteban del Valle joins the podcast from his studio at the Fine Arts Work Center in  Provincetown (MA) to elaborate on the journey his studio practice has taken since his previous appearance on Studio Break (Episode 24).  Esteban is an interdisciplinary artist who explores a variety of media including: painting, drawing, animation, video, and installation.

Esteban del Valle      Vimeo 1      Vimeo 2      Vimeo 3      iTunes

Osage Arts Community

  • 1_Incarnation_Dave
  • 2_Incarnation_Margaret
  • 3_Incarnation_Emily
  • 5_PastImperfect_BoysOnTheHood
  • 6_PastImperfect_Nomad
  • 7_Wayfinder_for_3_25_13
  • 8_Consumed_for_11-28-11
  • 9_Swarm_for_11_11_12
  • 10_Gods_Appointment_book_3_13_10

David Nelson

Episode 184:  David Nelson joins us from Dublin (NH) to discuss his system based abstract paintings as well as his recent series of portrait based works created through CMYK color separations.  David’s work can be seen at BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh (PA) as well as the Governors Island Art Fair through October 1st.

David Nelson      BoxHeart Gallery      Governors Island Art Fair      iTunes

Gina Hunt

Studio Break Video 2: This video features artist Gina Hunt speaking with David Linneweh about her new installation entitled: Stereo Vision, exhibited at Illinois State University Galleries through October 8th. Gallery director Barry Blinderman also shares his thoughts on Gina’s work and highlights some exhibitions taking place this fall.

Gina Hunt      Illinois State University Galleries      iTunes

  • Connected_Columbus_Italian_Village_III
  • Connected_Columbus_German_Village_Dusk
  • Connected_Columbus_Livingston_Gold
  • Connected_Columbus_Harrison_West_I
  • Connected_Columbus_Washington_Nocturne
  • Nocturne_Duo
  • Nocturne_Lot_II
  • Summer_Dusk_I
  • Nocturne_Trio
  • Nocturne_Lot_I

Christopher Burk

Episode 183:  This week Christopher Burk joins us from Columbus (OH) to discuss his paintings and drawings which are based off of observations of the urban landscape.  In the episode Christopher discusses the evolution of his oil paintings and his most recent series of gouache paintings which will be shown at Brandt-Roberts Galleries in an exhibition entitled: Stillness:Nocturnes by Christopher Burk.

Christopher Burk      Brandt-Roberts Galleries      iTunes

Greg Edmondson

Studio Break Video 1:  Greg Edmondson meets up with Dave to talk about his exhibition “Rivers and Beasts” and his time as an artist in residence at Osage Arts Community.

Greg Edmondson      Osage Arts Community      iTunes

  • 14064154_1136679739756158_3794595864412784539_n
  • 17504967_10210042868643046_5026486336415952420_o
  • 14480629_10155023216760639_8526047764799638768_o
  • 14425329_10155023214135639_7954677330406029799_o
  • 17505062_10210042853802675_4932158185423729419_o
  • 17545504_10210042840082332_6193938800814018622_o
  • 17758572_10211297391566047_6826289462038450773_o

John Dorsey

Episode 182:  John Dorsey joined Dave at the Art Center in Belle (MO) to discuss his diverse experience as a writer.  During his residency at Osage Arts Community, John has completed new works of poetry and a screen play for Missouri Loves Company, which was filmed on location in Belle in June.

John Dorsey      Tangerine Press      Osage Arts Community      iTunes


  • still_life_with_train_ticket
  • Babel
  • Chaotic
  • Geneva
  • Ragtime
  • self_portrait_as_the_archer
  • Silk_kimono
  • Still_life_with_nautilus
  • untitled_still_life
  • yasmin2

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco

Episode 181:  This week Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco joins the podcast to discuss her studio practice which focuses on paintings of still life and portraits under direct observation.  Ilaria is also the creator of Print Solo, an online gallery of artists featuring original artist prints and handmade books.

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco      Print Solo      iTunes

  • A Change in Atmosphere
  • A Colored Image of the Scrum
  • A Form in Resistance
  • A Passive Form
  • Pendulum
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Absence of Other
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Existence of Form (installation view)
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Existence of Form
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Presence of Order
  • A_Performance_in_Parts
  • A_Routine_in_Parts

R. Eric McMaster

Episode 180:  R. Eric McMaster joins us from Austin (TX) and we discuss his interdisciplinary approach to art through sculpture, installation, performance, and video.  His recent performative and collaborative based works with athletes, musicians, and dancers explore choreographed or restricted environments through awe inspired spectacles.

R. Eric McMaster      A Routine in Parts (Video)      A Change in Atmosphere (Video)


  • Lost in the Dusk small 21×301
  • Unknown landscape 2016 small8
  • DSC_2347_mod_670
  • untitled office space9
  • Modulate and Levitate2
  • shizuku 10×44
  • The Red Stripe6
  • The Red Thread7
  • The moment when we levitate 36×24 2016 small5
  • Noh men II 40×48 2016 small3

Taro Takizawa

Episode 179:  Taro Takizawa joins the podcast to discuss his recent drawings, prints and vinyl wall installations.  Taro was chosen as one of Studio Break’s 2016 MFA Competition Winners, his work is currently on view at Nicole Longnecker Gallery in Houston (TX).  In addition his work is part of a Southern Graphics Portfolio in June at Spudnick Press in Chicago (IL) and he’ll complete a new wall installation at Living Arts in Tulsa (OK).

Taro Takizawa      Nicole Longnecker Gallery      Spudnick Press      Living Arts      iTunes

  • IMG_2905
  • IMG_2903
  • IMG_2896
  • IMG_2904
  • IMG_2908
  • IMG_2901
  • IMG_2898
  • IMG_2907

Greg Edmondson

Episode 178:  This week Greg Edmondson sits down to discuss his solo exhibition developed over the past two years as an artist in residence at the Osage Arts Community.  Greg’s work has shifted from an exploration of systematic pencil drawings to colorful works on paper that incorporate color systems inspired from the foothills of the Ozarks.  His exhibition entitled Rivers and Beasts opens at the Osage Art Center in Belle, Missouri on May 20th from 2-6pm.

Greg Edmondson      Osage Arts Community      iTunes

  • 1. Chainz
  • 2. Drivel
  • 3. Funnel
  • 4. Inward
  • 5. Wing
  • 6. Jigsaw
  • 7. Navigate
  • 8. Outcast
  • 9. Rolling with the Homies
  • 10. Slip

Vanessa Irzyk

Episode 177:  Vanessa Irzyk joins us this week from Boston (MA) to discusses her paintings that explore color interaction through various layers of paint, washes, geometric shapes, and intricate design.   Vanessa was selected as one of Studio Break’s 2016 competition winners in our PRO category and she has an upcoming show May 5th entitled Lord Help Us Get It All Together at Lens Gallery in Boston.

Vanessa Irzyk      Lens Gallery      iTunes

  • D12-01
  • D12-26
  • D12-11
  • Fluorescentchartreusefluorescentblueburntsienna
  • Chromiumphalooxidebluelightfluorescentmagenta
  • Dnaultramarinehansaphaloglitter
  • Magentasiennachromiumgoldglitter
  • Phalocarbonmagentavioletglitter
  • Magentapinkpreylinegoldglitter

Daniel Mrva

Episode 176:  Studio Break is pleased to present the work of Daniel Mrva, who was selected as one of Studio Break’s 2016 PRO Competition Winners.  Daniel currently lives and works in the great state of Colorado where he continues to make new work rooted in geometry,  systems of abstraction, color, and form.

Daniel Mrva      iTunes

  • Archive Of Scarcity Window_edit
  • Archive of Scarcity Window Asheville install_edit
  • Archivist Orientation Install1_edit
  • Archivist Orientation Install2_edit
  • Body Archive poster_edit
  • Body Archiving Handbook cover_edit
  • Body Bureaucratic Archivist Orientation_edit
  • Conference Materials_edit
  • Waiting Room install v2_edit
  • Waiting Room install_edit

Leah Sandler

Episode 175:  This week Leah Sandler discusses her studio practice, which explores institutional critique and archiving the body through a variety of interdisciplinary approaches.  Leah was chosen as one of Studio Break’s 2016 MFA Competition Winners, her work is currently on view at Window (Re-Production/Re-Presentation) in Asheville (NC) and the Olin Library at Rollins College in Winter Park (FL).

Leah Sandler      Window (Re-Production/Re-Presentation)      Artborne Magazine     iTunes

  • Joseph_Podlesnik_2
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_4
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_1
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_3
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_9
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_5
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_7
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_8
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_6
  • Joseph_Podlesnik_10

Joseph Podlesnik

Episode 174:  Joseph Podlesnik joins the podcast from Phoenix (AZ) to discuss his recent series of photo based work after spending years drawing and painting.  His work is quite formal in nature and heavily  influenced by the Elements and Principals of Design which serve as a way of distilling each experience of the observed world into a tightly composed photograph.

Joseph Podlesnik      JSS in Civita      iTunes

  • Marks_Barbara_Studio
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No50
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No05
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No16
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No25
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No37
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No66
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No67
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No68
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No69
  • Marks_Barbara_Recollection_No59

Barbara Marks

Episode 173:  Barbara Marks joins us from Connecticut to discuss her evolution as a painter following a successful career as a graphic designer in the book publishing industry.  Her abstract works are rooted in observation.  Through a deliberate process  of layering colors, mark making, and editing she works to ensure each painting is a unique exploration unto itself.

Barbara Marks      iTunes

  • 1 A Library for Soft Rains 2016
  • 2 Soft Rains detail
  • 3 HEX Outpost (collaboration with Leslie Mutchler) 2016
  • 4 Streaming Fields 2014
  • 5 Temporary Monument 2013
  • 6 Temporary Monument alternate view
  • 7 LETTERFORM 2013
  • 8 Sunrise Sticks

Jason Urban

Episode 172:  Jason Urban joins us from Austin to provide an overview of his studio practice which explores a wide range of printmaking, sculpture, and installation art.  Over the last year Jason has been  researching libraries and working toward an exhibition entitled “The Formalist’s Library,” which opens at SNAP Gallery in March.

Jason Urban      SNAP      iTunes


  • Naïve Object #4
  • Naïve Object #2
  • P.P.S. (Heart’s Ease)
  • P.P.S. (Perennial)
  • P.S. (Cover)
  • P.S.
  • Screen Lovers (Beach #2)
  • Screen Lovers (One Head)
  • Wake
  • Wake, panel detail

Eli Craven

Episode 171:  This week Eli Craven joins Studio Break to talk about his work that explores nostalgia through appropriated images and objects, which  are then recontextualized into  sculptural and installation based works.  Eli was selected as Studio Break’s 2016 Competition Winner and his exhibition entitled Touching will open January 20th at DEMO Project in Springfield IL.

Eli Craven      DEMO Project      iTunes

  • Gate(alternate)_Grandma Beach Spirit_Aftermath
  • Audrey Wig and View from a room
  • SB_Audrey wig (detail)
  • Radarhomeinstall
  • SB_Tumor Storm
  • SB_AuntCarol
  • SB_Bald Mom
  • SB_Tumors
  • SB_Tumor(detail)
  • SB_Video still from untitled

Amy Reidel

Episode 170:  Amy Reidel joins Studio Break as our first guest of the year, she a St. Louis based multimedia artist creating painting and drawing works as well as mixed media installation, collage, and video works.  Her latest exhibition is entitled Radar home 11.8.13 and is on view at The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries in St. Louis Missouri.

Amy Reidel      iTunes

  • Gardner_5
  • Gardner_7
  • Gardner_6
  • Gardner_4
  • Gardner_3
  • Gardner_2
  • Gardner_1
  • IMG_2031
  • IMG_2033

Benjamin Gardner

Episode 169:  Benjamin Gardner returns to the podcast to discuss the evolution of his recent series of painting and sculpture works, which are informed by the 1962 film La Jetee by Chris Marker.

Benjamin Gardner      iTunes

  • zennias_3_email
  • prelude9
  • 13_preludes
  • 12_prelude-series
  • 9_cherries_muscadine_branch
  • Philip Jackson
  • 10_pear_apples_cherries
  • 7_artichoke-plum
  • 8_tangerine-apples
  • 6_a-family-experience
  • 2_nesting
  • 4_follow-the-leader
  • 3_snake-in-the-tacks
  • 5_a-family-portrait

Philip Jackson

Episode 168:  This week Philip Jackson joins the podcast to discuss perceptual painting and his latest series of paintings entitled Preludes, which will be exhibited at the Southside Gallery in Oxford Mississippi on November 3rd from 6-8 pm.

Philip Jackson      Southside Gallery      iTunes


  • leafformslowres2
  • detailleafforms2016
  • cascade
  • spiral
  • leafforms2016
  • leafforms
  • pay-day
  • lips
  • bird-brain
  • throne

Steve Adair

Episode 167:  Steve Adair returns to the podcast to discuss his studio works which include a series of figurative paintings that combine portraiture with abstraction; in addition Steve also discusses his recent exhibition of his “Leaf Form” series at the Tinnin Center Art Gallery at Three Rivers College.

Steve Adair      iTunes

  • pod
  • podd
  • poddd
  • podddd
  • podddddd

Dana Sikkila Murphy, The 410 Project

Episode 166:  This week Dana Sikkila Murphy returns to the podcast to discuss the latest from The 410 Project, a contemporary art gallery and experimental space located in Mankato, MN.  The 410’s latest venture entitled “Project Bike” has literally been a journey with Dana biking across the state, visiting and documenting artists working in their studios.  In all 10 artists from Minnesota will be featured in an upcoming documentary that will culminate in an exhibition of artwork, which opens at the 410 Project on October 7th from 7-9pm.

The 410 Project      Project Bike, Video Preview     Dana Sikkila Murphy      iTunes


  • Amorphous Longing Pink, 2016, watercolor on paper, 5’x8′ feet
  • Detail, Amorphous Longing Pink, watercolor on paper
  • Bloomington Center for the Arts, summer 2016
  • Crystalline Pathways, 2015, watercolor on paper, 5’x8′ feet
  • Cloud VioletMy Sea,2015, watercolor on paper, 5’x8′ feet
  • Detail, Cloud Violet My Sea
  • Lingering Reflection, 2015, watercolor on paper, 5’x8′ feet
  • Detail, Lingering Reflection
  • Brilliant Absorption Red, 2015, watercolor on paper, 5’x8′ feet
  • Susupended Thought, 2016, watercolor on paper, 5’x8′ feet
  • Moments at the Edges of Things, 2016, paper, 9’x4′ feet

Keren Kroul

Episode 165: This week Keren Kroul joins us from Minnesota to discuss her large-scale watercolor paintings that explore abstraction, mapping, and neural pathways through memory and reflection.  Keren was selected by Julia Friedman (Exchangeworks) as the winner of Studio Break’s 2015 competition and was selected for a solo exhibition at Jan Brandt Gallery in 2017.

Keren Kroul      Artistry      iTunes

  • 9
  • 6
  • 5
  • 8
  • 7
  • 3
  • 4
  • 1
  • 2

Jamey Hart

Episode 164:  This week Jamey Hart joins us to talk discuss his paintings inspired by daily life and walking the streets of Cleveland, Ohio.  His recent work combine a variety of materials including paint, fabric, plywood, string, foam, recycled paintings, and “other things.”

Jamey Hart     337 Project Space      New American Paintings      iTunes

  • DistanceLearning
  • VisionQuest01
  • Outcropping01
  • Outcropping02
  • PlaceHolderMemorialPark01
  • Gateway03
  • Gateway02
  • Gateway01
  • PeripheralLandscape02
  • PeripheralLandscape01

Josh Johnson

Episode 163:  Josh Johnson joins us from Lincoln, Nebraska to discuss his sculpture and installation works which explore a wide range of materials.  Josh was selected as a finalist by Julia Friedman (Exchangeworks) for Studio Break’s 2015 competition.

Josh Johnson      iTunes

  • 1_Pillow_Projects_in_Context
  • 2_The_Space_Between_Exhibition
  • 3_The_Space_Between_Pillows
  • 4_How_You_Doin
  • 5_Mammy_Tag
  • 6_Hey
  • 7_All_the_Men_in_the_World_Layer_2
  • 8_The_Space_Between_Interactions
  • 9_N.O.Y.F.B._Exhibition
  • 10_N.O.Y.F.B._Close_Up

Ashley Hairston Doughty

Episode 162:  Ashley Hairston Doughty joins the podcast to discuss her experience as an artist and graphic designer, and teacher.  Her recent work utilizes personal accounts of street harassment and transforms them into  colorful installations that invite the viewer to consider their experiences and further the discussion.  Ashley was selected as a finalist by Julia Friedman (Exchangeworks) for Studio Break’s 2015 competition.

Ashley Hairston Doughty      Design Kettle      iTunes

  • Deep Dark II
  • Piled Up
  • Whirlwind
  • Pooled
  • From Within
  • Filtered
  • Deep Dark
  • Deep Dark III
  • A Swimmer on the streets
  • A Swimmer in the Studio

Amanda Kralovic

Episode 161:  Amanda Kralovic joins us and delves into her studio practice which explores the medium of print and other mixed media.   Amanda is a 2015 Studio Break Competition finalists selected by Julia Friedman of ExchangeWorks and is currently exhibiting work in the 29th Annual McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition in Lake Charles (LA) through May 12th.

Amanda Kralovic      iTunes

  • Apocalyptic Nostalgia #1 Gallery Shot
  • Genesis Project
  • Genesis Project #1
  • Genesis Project #1 Close Up
  • Post-Times Survival Tip #86
  • Post-Times Survival Tip #86 Close Up
  • Post-Times Survival Tip #109
  • Post-Times Survival Tip #109 Close Up
  • Mannequins
  • Mannequins Close Up
  • Rock Drawings
  • Prayer Flags Installation #1
  • Prayer Flags Installation #2
  • Prayer Flags Installation Close Up

Jonathon Engelien

Episode 160: This week we’re joined by Minnesota artist Jonathon Engelien who explores  ideas of a post-apocalyptic landscape within his multimedia works and web project entitled Norde Tribe.  Jonathan’s exhibition entitled Apocalyptic Nostalgia 2 opens at Roy G Biv Gallery in Columbus Ohio on April 2nd, 7 p.m.

Jonathon Engelien      Norde Tribe      iTunes