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Brian Kapernekas

Episode 45:  For this weeks episode we’re joined by Chicago Artist Brian Kapernekas who talked about his fascinating artworks!

Brian Kapernekas     65GRAND            iTunes

  • bob jones paintings plot marker
  • Ein_Shemer Orchards, Jerusalem, Bill Conger
  • hallwalls2
  • the stars spell silence
  • Uncle Newman
  • Adam-Mysock-Washington-Delaware

Tall Tales, Studio Break Exhibition

Episode 44:  This episode features a series of short interviews with the artists participating in Studio Break’s first group show featuring:  Bill Conger, Benjamin Gardner, Bob Jones, Adam Mysock, John Reddington, and Tim Roby!

Bill Conger, Benjamin Gardner, Bob Jones, Adam Mysock, John Reddington, and Tim Roby!


  • “Private Military 03″ acrylic, screen print and glue on canvas 8″x8” 2010
  • Embassies, Washington DC
  • European Union (timeline)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Topography, Intergovernmental Organization, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • Topography, Intergovernmental Organization, World Trade Organization
  • United States Embassies, East Asia and Pacific
  • US Military Bases Navy

Chad Erpelding

Episode 43:  Fresh off a summer residency and museum exhibition in Armenia, Chad joined us for an in depth discussion of his studio practice.  During the hour we discussed the  variety of formal and technical approaches he utilizes to address his conceptual interests.

Chad Erpelding          iTunes

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Kendra Paitz/Violet Poe Projects

Episode 42:  This episode features Violet Poe Projects curator Kendra Paitz who talked a bit about some of the exhibitions she’s organized and her upcoming group show Orison For The Forest.

Violet Poe Projects           iTunes

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Jonathan Brilliant

Episode 41:  The podcast returns from a short break with Jonathan Brilliant, he spoke to us about his development as an artist and his current projects.

Jonathan Brilliant          iTunes

  • intermission
  • intoabar
  • keeptrucking
  • LovedSeat
  • NotToday
  • race1
  • unrest
  • WhenIWasaBoy

Angelo Arnold

Episode 40:  In this weeks episode artist Angelo Arnold sat down and discussed his early experiences working with his hands and being creative at a young age and how those experiences directly influence his studio practice today.

Angelo Arnold            iTunes

  • Adam Farcus Treehouse
  • Adam Farcus
  • Benjamin Gardner
  • Bill Conger:Peter Shear installation
  • Bill Conger:Peter Shear Playhouse
  • Bill Conger:Peter Shear
  • Bob Jones
  • Brandon Siscoe
  • Jenny Hansen
  • starsspellsilence_1
  • Todd Reed

Best Friends Gallery/Benjamin Gardner

Episode 39:  This week I talked with Brian Selke about the space he runs out in Arlington Heights called Best Friends Gallery and featured an artist Benjamin Gardner who will be having an exhibition there July 28th.

Best Friends Gallery      Benjamina Gardner            iTunes

  • Black-Rose
  • Franz
  • green-dactyl
  • Heads_Will_Roll
  • Jojo’sPink
  • Merger
  • multi_mounted_4_pink_strip
  • multi_mounted_lavender_pink_top
  • Shakespeare’s_Pirate

Judy Glantzman

Episode 38:  This week we have on artist Judy Glantzman who provided a very in depth look into her studio practice starting from her early work into the current, this one’s not to miss!

Betty Cuningham           iTunes

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Jan Brandt

Episode 37:  Jan talks about her development as a Fine Artist and how her previous experience as an interior designer help informs her art and also chat a bit about Jan Brandt Gallery which recently opened.

Jan Brandt Studio            iTunes

  • MAEP Luke Aleckson and Justin Quinn; Justin Quinn; Carrying Coals to Newcastle or 7,895 times E; 2012
  • efallen_chapter71_edition
  • eside_by_side_chapter71_edition
  • espaces_doubled1
  • MAEP Luke Aleckson and Justin Quinn; Justin Quinn; See the World Where You Stand or 9,501 times E; 2011
  • ForTheLifeofMe

Justin Quinn

Episode 36:  Studio Break is back this week with a new interview with Justin Quinn, he shed some light on his upbringing and development as an artist and the vast body of work he’s created, great stuff!

Galerie Hein Elferink, Conduit Gallery, Cain Schulte Contemporary Art, Kit Schulte Contemporary Art


  • 331_raw
  • 336_raw
  • 360_raw
  • 364_raw
  • 370_raw
  • 373_raw
  • 374_raw
  • 325_raw

Melissa Oresky

Episode 35:  In this weeks episode I had a great studio to studio chat with Chicago artist Melissa Oresky, we spoke at length about her exhibition up at the Hyde Park Art Center called “Trail” and how her studio practice evolved.

Melissa Oresky      Trail Animation      iTunes

  • 30671
  • 41559
  • 41560
  • 41562
  • 41563
  • 41564
  • 41565
  • 41567
  • 42732
  • 43611

Don Kimes

Episode 34:  This weeks episode features the artist Don Kimes who spends his time painting and teaching  in Italy, Chautauqua NY, and Washington DC.  Don’s thoughtful approaches in creating and thinking about his studio practice is quite inspired and not to be missed!

Denise Bibro Fine Art      iTunes

  • Linneweh_pw_01
  • Linneweh_pw_02
  • Linneweh_pw_03
  • Linneweh_pw_04
  • Linneweh_pw_05
  • Linneweh_pw_06
  • Linneweh_pw_07
  • Linneweh_pw_08
  • Linneweh_pw_09
  • Linneweh_pw_10

David Linneweh

Episode 33:   David Linneweh becomes a guest on Studio Break with returning guest Benjamin Gardner stepping conducting the interview. In the episode David discusses his upbringing in the suburbs of Chicago and how that’s had a tremendous impact on his work and speaks at length about his Re-Assembled Series featured in a Solo Exhibition at the Peoria Art Guild.

David Linneweh      iTunes

  • Reclaimed_Verse_22
  • Reclaimed_Verse_61
  • Reclaimed_Verse_162
  • Reclaimed_Verse_9
  • OG
  • This-Room-Became-a-Monody1
  • Untitled-Up-For-Sale-Cart1
  • AtATableTalking1
  • Mostly-The-Sound-of-Yer-Vo1
  • One_of_These2Nick2

Nick Satinover

Episode 32:  Our guest for this week is Nick Satinover, an artist working out of Dayton Ohio Nick works with a variety of media to explore the subject of landscape, he spoke at length about his process and development and a residency he’ll be starting in the next month.

Nick Satinover       iTunes

  • PageImage-493906-2288317-2006ImpulsetoRescue
  • PageImage-493906-2291587-0006_AmzeEmmons_010509_
  • PageImage-493906-2291658-11EvidenceofResistance
  • PageImage-493906-2291731-_EMM0017
  • PageImage-493906-2291745-_EMM0066
  • PageImage-493906-2291760-secretheadquarters
  • PageImage-493906-2291763-_EMM0065
  • PageImage-493906-2291765-24GridMonument
  • PageImage-493906-2296305-8AmzeEmmonsEmpireBuffet
  • PageImage-493906-2379392-summer3forweb
  • PageImage-493906-2379393-summer4forweb

Amze Emmons

Episode 31:  For this weeks episode I had a fun chat with Amze Emmons (Philadelphia) about his vast body of work exploring landscape as well as consumer culture.  He also manages to provide great insight into how the evolution of his studio practice has evolved since starting and what challenges he faces moving forward.

Amze Emmons      Printeresting      iTunes

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Adam Farcus

Episode 30:  On this weeks episode Adam Farcus joined the podcast to share some insight about how he began incorporating a wide variety of materials and found objects in order to evoke the ethereal.

Adam Farcus      iTunes

  • art760_artist80_001
  • art765_artist80_001
  • BonIverCover
  • Euclide-Gregory Take it with you
  • GregoryEuclide I imagined soft decay
  • Untitled
  • GregoryEuclideSurrounding_My_Hands
  • GregoryEuclideTMA
  • Held within what hung open650

Gregory Euclide

Episode 29:  Gregory Euclide shares great insights into his studio practice and talks in depth about his flat, relief, and installation works while taking time to address his interest in observation and landscape.

Gregory Euclide      iTunes

  • SchreiberStudioBreak01
  • SchreiberStudioBreak02
  • SchreiberStudioBreak03
  • SchreiberStudioBreak04
  • SchreiberStudioBreak05
  • SchreiberStudioBreak06
  • SchreiberStudioBreak07
  • SchreiberStudioBreak08
  • SchreiberStudioBreak09
  • SchreiberStudioBreak10

Leah Schreiber

Episode 28:  Leah Schreiber joined me for an interesting conversation about her work which covers a number of media…. check it out!

Leah Schreiber       iTunes

  • Kanwischer “Columns”
  • Kanwischer “Foundation”
  • Kanwischer “HamiltonSstreet”)
  • Kanwischer “Heston Street”
  • Kanwischer “Implement”
  • Kanwischer “Interior and Patio”
  • Kanwischer “Stone Pile”
  • Kanwischer “Tree”
  • Kanwischer Untitled (River) v

Charles Kanwischer

Episode 27: Had a nice conversation with Charlie not just about the subject of landscape but the richness of his drawings.

Charles Kanwischer, Ellen Miller Gallery      iTunes

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Colin Tuis Nesbit

Episode 26: Really fun interview with Colin, great insight into his practice and you might learn about some interesting ideas you’ve never heard of like Hoodoo!

Colin Tuis Nesbit      iTunes

  • 01_large
  • 6a00d8341bf66653ef01156f2a7dd1970c-pi
  • 6a00e54ef4acdd8833011168c1fb56970c-pi
  • anna-hepler-plexigravure-2006
  • pic_4f64abd3907f3l
  • TheGreatHaul
  • tumblr_ly7n5s9Pjv1qz4s3wo1_500

Anna Hepler

Episode 25: Really fun conversation with artist Anna Hepler which covered much of her 2-D work but also spent a great deal of time talking about her sculptures, installations, and generally about how she’s managed to be so prolific!

Anna Hepler      iTunes

  • Collage_mrsmith&pop03
  • Collage_oldchi_fallingsails_small_copy
  • Collage_pop&curtain&fallingsmith_smallie
  • Collage_pop&harold_ladysails_blog
  • Collage_pop&mrsmith_campaignsign_small
  • Colorshot02
  • delValle_Esteban_01
  • delValle_Esteban_11
  • delValle_InstallationShot
  • Interrogation_Good_layout
  • raft_animation_0141
  • tumblr_ltx61tRZTF1r5ezqao1_1280

Esteban Del Valle

Episode 24: Had a great time chatting with Esteban about his work and the evolution of his studio practice which has grown quite diverse; here him chat in depth about his process and what keeps him so invested.

Esteban del Valle      Videos      iTunes

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  • 13fa6728e7c5f4615f69dd945ae26ea0_scale_495_519
  • 196bbc9bfcaeed6d55163904a74ca61f
  • erik_4
  • feb16_openstudio1
  • images
  • not-to-protect-phenomena-but-to-mislay-them
  • parallel_1
  • waterkotteprint

Erik Waterkotte

Episode 23: For this weeks return episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Erik Waterkotte who had some revealing insights into his studio practice!

Erik Waterkotte      iTunes

  • 1_Bundled and Stacked
  • 2_card board bundles
  • 3_Absence
  • 4_Night Jewel
  • 5_Skokie
  • 6_Protected
  • 7_Unoccupied Office Space
  • 8_Bundled and Stacked
  • 9_Card Board Bundles
  • 10_Night Jewel

Hans Habeger

Episode 22: This week I managed to get a studio visit with Hans Habeger and talked at great length about his interest his work and interest in painting and drawing, lots of great things in this one!

Hans Habeger      iTunes

  • pshear_1
  • pshear_3
  • pshear_4
  • pshear_5
  • pshear_6
  • pshear_7
  • pshear_8
  • pshear_9
  • pshear_10
  • pshear_portrait

Peter Shear

Episode 21: For our guest this week I spoke with artist Peter Shear discussing his approach’s and admiration for the process of making artwork and his very prolific body of work.

Peter Shear      iTunes

  • backissues
  • catandmouse
  • datafieldflags
  • digdig1
  • digdig2
  • digdig3
  • lecturing
  • novel
  • owie
  • pov

Chris Wildrick

Episode 20:  For this week’s episode of Studio Break I spoke with artist Chris Wildrick learning much about his studio practice which knows no bounds!  Highly enlightening as well as entertaining!

Chris Wildrick      iTunes

  • _DSC0001
  • _DSC0134
  • 226230_2026917794334_1285728381_32389049_647555_n
  • 226873_2026913754233_1285728381_32389045_441557_n
  • DSC_0003
  • heap1
  • nativeland
  • onefineday
  • Remnants1

Tim Roby

Episode 19:  Fresh off a run of new studio work for his upcoming show Tim spoke at length about his evolution as a painter and sculptor as well as his desire to sit and watch hours of hockey!

Tim Roby      iTunes

  • KLJ-1
  • KLJ-2
  • KLJ-3
  • KLJ-4
  • KLJ-5
  • KLJ-6
  • KLJ-7
  • KLJ-8
  • KLJ-9
  • KLJ-10

Kelly Lynn Jones

Episode 18:  For today’s episode of Studio Break I Skyped it up with artist Kelly Lynn Jones who also manages the wonderful website  As always what follows was a wonderful insightful into her studio practice.

Kelly Lynn Jones      iTunes

  • #5.+Harvesting+detail
  • Glacier+Melting+in+the+Dead+of+Night+3
  • Glaciers+Melting+in+the+Dead+of+Night
  • iceberg+table+detail+original
  • iceberg+table+original

Laura Primozic

Episode 17:  For today’s weekly podcast I spoke with artist Laura Primozic currently working in Central Illinois.  Listen to her talk about her development into a 3-D/Ceramic artist and also find out what she collects!

Laura Primozic      iTunes

  • Studio
  • Untitled 1
  • Untitled 11
  • Untitled 13

Shelby Shadwell

Episode 16:  In this episode Shelby Shadwell talks a great deal about drawing and his most recent body of work which will include video…. not to mention “The Thing” and infrared cameras!

Shelby Shadwell       iTunes