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Liz Tran

Episode 73:  This week Seattle Artist Liz Tran joins the podcast to discuss her very bright and colorful mixed media paintings, her ceramic works, installation, and her the recent video pieces that she’s managed to work all into her current studio practice.

Liz Tran


  • IMG_1244
  • IMG_1262
  • IMG_1225
  • IMG_1270
  • IMG_1273
  • IMG_1226
  • IMG_1269
  • IMG_1253
  • IMG_1266
  • IMG_1256
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The 3D Printer Experience

Episode 72:  This week we checked out The 3D Printer Experience in Chicago’s Loop which provides visitors a glimpse into the magical world of 3D printing!   Get started by designing and printing a pendant, sign up for a workshop, scan and print your head, or consult the knowledgeable staff about custom printing.

The 3D Printer Experience



  • Victor Won Again
  • IMG_0186
  • The Continuance. Or, There Was, There Is, and There Will Be.
  • a history of charlie moyer as scholar and artisan, or, the decoding of his symbols as sacred.  what really is governing that garden
  • IMG_0190
  • a reunification
  • three loves
  • Suspects Fled the Scene
  • IMG_0185
  • 5.13 project and the local packing heat, or it’s super hot and that river looks good
  • A Declaration of War to the Sound of RATT. Invasion of Your Privacy.

John Reddington

Episode 71:  John Reddington opens his studio door to discuss his recent painting and drawing works which piece together a variety of personal narratives, stories, observations, life experience… even the “Predator Machine.”

John Reddington


  • AlbrightKnoxPianoPerformance
  • BunderAbendDeitch
  • BunterAbend2Deitch
  • VeniceBiennial07Hamsterwheel
  • BlindScupturePiano
  • BlindSculpture
  • AlbrightKnoxMusuemPerformance
  • Gelitin Pavilion – Some Like It Hot – 54th International Art Biennale
  • The Island2
  • And then there was light2
  • The Great Escape2
  • There’sNoPlaceLikeHome2
  • Hashtag-black2

Schuyler Maehl

Episode 70:  This week Schuyler Maehl joins us to discuss his early career, living in Iceland,  his  collaboration’s with performance groups MoMS and Gelitin as well as his individual studio practice including painting/drawing, sculpture, music, video, and installation.

Schuyler Maehl


  • Amazon God, detail
  • Amazon God 2
  • Amazon God
  • Amazon God close
  • Success
  • Success 1
  • Success
  • Art Forum
  • Art Forum Detail
  • February 22, 1999, Newspapers
  • airpost–akeley
  • afro

Martin Brief

Episode 69:  On this weeks episode Martin Brief joins the ranks to discuss his  drawing’s based off definitions, newspapers, art forum and a variety of sources to explore his interest in how we create meaning and communicate through language.

Martin Brief


  • peeke.tongue
  • peeke.ScrewDescriptor
  • peeke.Mt.Rushmore
  • peeke.Mickey
  • peeke.MarchHair
  • peeke.How to
  • peeke.CO
  • peeke.Ansochrome
  • peeke.61
  • peeke.chair charts

Cory Peeke

Episode 68:  For this weeks episode Cory Peeke joins the podcast to discuss his massive series of collage works which reuse a variety of found and printed materials to explore themes of ideas of sexuality, identity and history.

Cory Peeke      


  • tredFACTORY2_2012
  • trendFACTORY_2012
  • tumbrEAL_2011
  • BLCK_2011
  • Outer Space: Green Space_2010
  • Overgrowth_2009
  • Manufactured Utopias_ 2008
  • Cabinet Influx_2006
  • Recollection_2004

Leslie Mutchler

Episode 67:  This week multimedia artist Leslie Mutchler joins the podcast to talk about a wide variety of work including her flat work, sculpture, and installations which allow for viewer participation.

Leslie Mutchler      


  • 251195_10151082461653785_1855373070_n
  • 1
  • Untitled-10
  • 2
  • universal4
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  • 5
  • 3
  • 604009_10151153417373785_118568911_n

Shelby Shadwell

Episode 66:  Shelby Shadwell joins us on the podcast to give us the scoop on his recent show at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati Ohio and what ideas are in his mind as he gets back into the studio.

Shelby Shadwell      Manifest Gallery


  • house-web
  • DalePacificaIKatyGrannan
  • AliceHargrave
  • 26_woodwindow-shadow-2008
  • FeinsteinPuritansDelight

Kendra Paitz, The House of the Seven Gables

Episode 65:  Curator Kendra Paitz (Violet Poe Projects)  returns to discuss the exhibition The House of the Seven Gables, based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel from 1851.  The exhibition opens at Illinois State University Saturday February 23rd at the University Galleries and runs through April 7th.

University Galleries-ISU      Violet Poe Projects        iTunes

  • Dark Watercolor 009
  • Small Plaid #40
  • Kevin’s Shirt, Reddington (Made in Vietnam) crumpled
  • Kevin’s Shirt, Volcom (Made in China)
  • Canopy
  • Florescence 2 (Flowers for Iraq)
  • Harbour Explosion, Halifax, NS, December 6, 1917, 2008
  • Sayward Fire, Campbell River, BC, Canada, July 5, 1938
  • Boston Globe, November 21, 1980 (#2 from Text Work)
  • Trace Evidence 1
  • April 5, 1958, 2010
  • L’origin du monde

Michelle Forsyth

Episode 64:  In this weeks episode Michelle Forsyth joins us to discuss her cathartic and  intricate studio practice which includes a variety of 2-D and installation works.

Michelle Forsyth      Mulherin + Pollard              iTunes

  • The Metropolis Chronicles, Chicago 1952
  • Economy of Means
  • Distance Arc
  • The World is Flat
  • Searching for Multiple Gods
  • Resistance Hill
  • Tar Plane Wayfarer 3
  • Tar Plane Wayfarer 1
  • Crescent
  • City of Forced Eyes

Mitch Mitchell

Episode 63:  This week we were happy to be joined by Multi-Media artist Mitch Mitchell who talked with us about his work focusing on landscape.  Mitch utilizes a number of printmaking approaches as well as installation in his work which he discussed in great detail.

Mitch Mitchell            iTunes


Dawn Roe

Episode 62:  Our guest this week is Dawn Roe who’s amazing photo and video work explores a variety of approaches that include documentary, interior/exterior landscape, and portraiture and how she’s currently exhibiting her photo and video work together in the exhibition Goldfields.

Dawn Roe          iTunes

  • 540837_4497750514761_1647350204_n
  • 45015_1486206988055_7761999_n
  • Dog Drawing
  • 66309_4151070647981_518860048_n
  • 59630_4182195706088_1932899627_n
  • 67182_4173024636817_2075507536_n
  • 68688_4362951024858_1957162940_n
  • 199656_4416753209879_1120590390_n
  • 396168_3686650757774_550274978_n
  • 26756_1331044909100_7617993_n

Brian Frink

Episode 61:  For our very first episode of 2013 we have artist Brian Frink speaking with us from Minnesota, we discussed his recent work and his non-profit website,  RACAOnline.

Brian Frink      RACA           iTunes

  • lim_1
  • Lim_6
  • Lim_4
  • Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 4.37.09 PM
  • Lim_5
  • Lim_2
  • Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 4.37.20 PM
  • Lim_3

Cora Joyce Lim

Episode 59:  Cora Lim joined the podcast to discuss her work which incorporates a variety of media including painting, sculpture, and installation.  This is the last interview in our series of 2012 Competition Winners so please check out all 7.             iTunes

  • No Love For Our Brown Brother
  • Give A dog, A Bone
  • I Have Returned
  • One plus one Magellan, Two plus two Lapu-Lapu
  • Manananggal Forever In Blue Jeans
  • Gen.MacArthur,Crucifix
  • Ferdinand Marcos, Crucifix
  • Sikmura,Crucifix

Lazaro Juan

Episode 58:  For our last BFA winner we have artist Lazaro Juan talking about his work which examines identity as it relates to colonialism.          iTunes

  • BucketList_60x72_01
  • Disorientation_60x72_01
  • Landscape4
  • Mesmeric Cataclysm web_600
  • NotesonLocation_60x72_01
  • OrganicSweep_60x72_01
  • rainedoutsmall_600
  • southwestsmall_600
  • SpringTemple_60x72_01
  • Utahsmall

Jessica Mongeon

Episode 57:  Our guest this week is MFA Contestant winner Jessica Mongeon who’s work combines both representational and abstract approaches to her 2D works comprised of India ink, Acrylic, and other media.

Jessica Mongeon             iTunes

  • living-bridge72
  • study-i1
  • sometimes-i-feel-exactly-like-the-exact-same-person-as-when-i-was-little-722
  • microscopically-immense-72
  • lost-and-found-2501
  • garden722
  • epigenetic
  • earned-innocense
  • connectome

Marine Tempels

Episode 56: This week we continue our series of interviews with Studio Break’s 2012 Competition Winners with our  guest is Marine Tempels who discussed the process of including both representation and abstraction in her painting.

Marine Tempels            iTunes

  • strawberry thief crop

Bill Conger & Colin Tuis Nesbit, The Strawberry Thief Exhibition

Episode 55:  Bill Conger & Colin Nesbit return to the podcast to talk about their collaborative exhibition at Helmuth Projects entitled The Strawberry Thief.

Helmuth Projects      Bill Conger      Colin Tuis Nesbit            iTunes

  • Salt Lake Diamonds 1
  • Landscape and Lace
  • Arches Tray
  • Picket Fence
  • Lidded Box
  • Brick Plate
  • Fragmented Landscape
  • Lace Platter
  • Diamond Platter

Megan Mitchell

Episode 54:  Megan Mitchell  is our second MFA joining the podcast to talk about her ceramic work including discussion of materials and process.  It is our 3rd episode in a series focusing on our 2012 MFA/BFA Competition winners!

Megan Mitchell Ceramics            iTunes

  • GetInline-10
  • GetInline-9
  • GetInline-8
  • GetInline-7
  • GetInline-6
  • GetInline-5
  • GetInline-4
  • GetInline-3
  • GetInline-2
  • GetInline-1

John Phillip Abbott

Episode 53:  John Phillip Abbott joins us this week from Albuquerque New Mexico where we talked about his interest in process and abstract paintings based on text.

John Phillip Abbott         iTunes

  • Day 1.1
  • Day 1
  • Day 2.2
  • Day 2.3
  • Day 2
  • Day 3.1
  • Day 3.2
  • Day 5
  • Day 8
  • Day 235

Lauren Stern

Episode 52:  Our second interview from our  2012 MFA/BFA competition is Lauren Stern works with the figure.  During our interview we discussed her interest in Painting and Drawing and the unique story surrounding her BFA thesis show.

Lauren Stern           iTunes

  • Iron Neckpiece
  • Beyond the Words
  • Sphere
  • What We Leave Behind
  • Spiral Machine
  • Quagmire I
  • Filename: ART-G0511_10.psd
  • Praying
  • Branches
  • And the Layer Beneath That Layer

Carol Salisbury

Episode 51:  The first selected artist from our 2012 MFA/BFA competition is Carol Salisbury who works with small metals and drawing.   Carol is currently expanding her body of work while continuing to exhibit her work; in 2012 she was a student finalist in the NICHE Awards!

Carol [email protected]     rol       iTunes

  • Ledger
  • Reverberations
  • 5 Dollars of Failure
  • Bad Chemistry
  • Final Touches
  • In the Rough
  • Intentional Dementia
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Sunset

Tim Kowalczyk

Episode 50:  Or interview this week is with ceramic and sculpture artist Tim Kowalczyk who recreates ordinary objects, installations, and settings with such meticulous  detail they fool the eye!

Tim Kowalczyk            iTunes

  • shining-bike

The Shining: with Bill Conger and Benjamin Gardner

Episode 49:  This special episode of the podcast features Bill Conger and Benjamin Gardner who share their thoughts about “The Shining.”

Bill Conger      Benjamina Gardner          iTunes

  • 01
  • 18
  • 23
  • Augustine2
  • BDHouse
  • BrooklynKitchen
  • JeansVision_web
  • JesusinMyBedroom
  • Vacuuming_website580h
  • WashingtheWindows_WEB

Ann Toebbe

Episode 48:  For this weeks episode we have Chicago artists Ann Toebbe who talked about her studio evolution from sculpture to 2-D, her experiences living in Brooklyn and her recent work after relocating to Chicago!

Ann Toebbe      Heiner Contemporary             iTunes

  • Beam Tower & Pink Grass detail
  • BeamTower&PinkGrass 2009
  • Brush Pile 2011
  • Brush Pile detail
  • See Rock City Install 2012
  • “See Rock City” by Haudrey Hasen Russell  part of Paris-Scope at
  • “See Rock City” by Haudrey Hasen Russell  part of Paris-Scope at
  • Sentimental Canoe 2010
  • Sentimental Canoe Detail 1
  • Sentimental Canoe Detail 2

Audrey Hasen Russell

Episode 47: This episode features the work of New York artist Audrey Hasen Russeell who talked at length about her 3-D sculpture and installation works and explains the process behind her diverse use of materials.
Audrey Hasen russell            iTunes

  • bailey_and_benji
  • chloe
  • cold_death_ash_72
  • essentials_3
  • IM000479.JPG
  • IM000262.JPG
  • sky_pour_1
  • spent_1
  • tree_3

Matt Pulford

Episode 46:  Today marks our first year doing the podcast and we have an interview with Matt Pulford, we covered the past but Matt is eager to make some new work so check it out!

Matt Pulford            iTunes

  • Cast
  • Conjuror
  • Drift
  • Grill
  • Halo
  • Outcast
  • DCF 1.0
  • Sandcastle
  • Settler’s Palette
  • Smithy
  • Still Life

Brian Kapernekas

Episode 45:  For this weeks episode we’re joined by Chicago Artist Brian Kapernekas who talked about his fascinating artworks!

Brian Kapernekas     65GRAND           iTunes

  • bob jones paintings plot marker
  • Ein_Shemer Orchards, Jerusalem, Bill Conger
  • hallwalls2
  • the stars spell silence
  • Uncle Newman
  • Adam-Mysock-Washington-Delaware

Tall Tales, Studio Break Exhibition

Episode 44:  This episode features a series of short interviews with the artists participating in Studio Break’s first group show featuring:  Bill Conger, Benjamin Gardner, Bob Jones, Adam Mysock, John Reddington, and Tim Roby!

Bill Conger, Benjamin Gardner, Bob Jones, Adam Mysock, John Reddington, and Tim Roby!


  • “Private Military 03″ acrylic, screen print and glue on canvas 8″x8” 2010
  • Embassies, Washington DC
  • European Union (timeline)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Topography, Intergovernmental Organization, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • Topography, Intergovernmental Organization, World Trade Organization
  • United States Embassies, East Asia and Pacific
  • US Military Bases Navy

Chad Erpelding

Episode 43:  Fresh off a summer residency and museum exhibition in Armenia, Chad joined us for an in depth discussion of his studio practice.  During the hour we discussed the  variety of formal and technical approaches he utilizes to address his conceptual interests.

Chad Erpelding          iTunes