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Tannon Reckling

Episode 199:  This week Tannon Reckling joins the podcast to discuss his studio practice which is informed through experiencing art via the internet.  His work questions traditional modes of art/academia and is influenced by growing up as a queer youth in rural Nebraska.  Tannon’s work was selected by Bill Conger as part of Studio Breaks 2017 Competition and he’s currently pursuing an MFA at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Tannon Reckling      iTunes


  • Dominic_Lippillo_Stories_We_Tell_Ourselves_Pond
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Stories_We_Tell_Ourselves_Car_Lot
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Fifteen_Homes_Sofa_and_Lamp
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Fifteen_Homes_Crib
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Under_A_Calm_Surface_Stacked_Furniture
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Under_A_Calm_Surface_Bookshelf
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Mark_Schoon_Conflation_Iron
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Mark_Schoon_Conflation_Happy_Birthday
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Mark_Schoon_Anti-Local_Blankets
  • Dominic_Lippillo_Mark_Schoon_Anti-Local_Bedroom_Mirrors

Dominic Lippillo

Episode 198:  Dominic Lippillo joins the podcast to discuss his photo based works which explore landscape, domesticity, and identity.  He currently has a solo exhibition entitled Stories We Tell Ourselves on display at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati (OH).  The exhibition is a part of Manifest’s FotoFocus Biennial, which features solo exhibitions by Greg Sand & Wes Battoclette in addition to the group exhibitions Archive & Archives.

Dominic Lippillo      Manifest Gallery      iTunes

  • DSC_7674
  • DSC_7669
  • Ma and Pa
  • Short Distance
  • Faux Flowers, Faux Mound
  • Escape Route
  • Grateful Living
  • Our Tent
  • Install from Here, Again at Mantle Art Space
  • Welcome Back

Jessica Bingham

Episode 197:  This week Jessica Bingham joins the podcast to discuss her work which explores themes of loss and childhood through her mixed media installations, sculptures, and paintings.  Jessica was selected as Studio Break’s 2017 Pro Competition Winner by juror Bill Conger and was awarded a solo exhibition at his gallery space Heartbreaker in Peoria (IL).  Visitors can see the exhibition entitled Stone, Stoned  during gallery hours on Saturday Oct 6th, from 11 AM- 2 PM.

Jessica Bingham      Heartbreaker      iTunes

  • Departure(46)
  • Departure(37)
  • Departure(39)
  • Departure(38)
  • Departure(40)
  • Departure(36)
  • Departure(43)
  • photo by Nathan J Shaulis / Porter Loves Creative

Lisa Bergant Koi

Episode 196:  This week Lisa Bergant Koi joins the podcast from Pittsburgh (PA) to discuss her studio practice which focuses on paintings, which are informed by her drawings from the road.  Lisa currently has an solo exhibition of paintings on view at Gallery 201 in Morgantown (WV) through August 31st.

Lisa Bergant Koi      iTunes

  • auniversal-picture-11-d-small
  • STUDIO_717_SM
  • shadwell_auniversal_studio_3
  • NIC1sm

Shelby Shadwell

Episode 195:  Shelby Shadwell joins the podcast once again to discuss his recent series of hyper realistic drawings which combine his subjects with meme related text.  His work is currently featured in a group exhibition at William Havu Gallery in Denver (CO) from August 3rd-September 15th.   Previous  interviews with Shelby Shadwell:  Episode 156, 66, 16

Shelby Shadwell      iTunes

  • 14088410_237857239948334_5818761637198954944_n
  • 21270950_446562255744497_8355772791832200656_n
  • 20292585_430065090727547_7892295138096177917_n
  • 30874527_562625894138132_958574745_n
  • 29356515_542792822788106_639176128418594795_n
  • 30185039_561608817573173_1767296714_n
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  • Promo Springboard image

Dana Sikkila

Episode 194:  This week Dana Sikkila joins the podcast from Mankato (MN) where she works as an artist and arts administrator for the 410 Project.  Dana is currently biking the state of Minnesota with a film crew and documenting artists with a diverse studio practices for this year’s Project Bike 2018.  This unique project explores the boundaries of art makers and community, culminating in an exhibition of the artists work along with a film premiere of Project Bike on October 5th (7-9 pm) at the 410 Project.

410 Project      Dana Sikkila      iTunes

  • 1 Paint Isle
  • 2 Island Plant
  • 3 Petals
  • 4 Floor Plant
  • 5 Pink Markers
  • 6 Blue TIle Leaves
  • 7 Disappearing Apple
  • 8 Spring Gifts
  • 9 Ghost Shadow
  • 10 28 Cake
  • 11 Plant and Object

Claire Stankus

Episode 193:  Claire Stankus joins the podcast to discuss her paintings which often begin from observation/photography and explore the boundaries between representation and formal abstraction.  Her paintings will be featured in a group exhibition at LMAK Gallery in New York City, which runs from June 15th-July 27th.

Claire Stankus      iTunes

  • Francis Sills_Flowers, reflected_oil on linen_24x20_2018
  • Francis Sills_Floral still life (I)_oil on linen_20x24_2017
  • Francis Sills_Summer Garden (II)_oil on linen_24x30_2017
  • Francis Sills_Tropical plants (Costa Rica)_oil on paper_24x18_2018
  • Francis Sills_Magnolia Oak (I)_charcoal on paper_22x30_2017
  • Francis Sills_Fallen tree (swamp)_oil on linen_24x30_2017
  • Francis Sills_Cypress Swamp_oil on linen_24x30_2017
  • Francis Sills_Botany Bay (III)_oil on linen_12x18_2016
  • Francis Sills_Interior_oil on linen_20x24_2018
  • Francis Sills_Reflection (self portrait)_oil on linen_28x21_2014

Francis Sills

Episode 192:  This week Francis Sills joins us from Charleston (SC) to discuss his studio practice which has focused on observation painting and drawing through a variety of subjects including landscape, portraiture, interior, and flora.

Francis Sills      iTunes

  • Useless pricks
  • Ashtray
  • Pick yourself up
  • Pick yourself up, detail
  • Trap
  • Valentines
  • Are you there?
  • Untitled 1
  • Untitled 2
  • Untitled 3
  • Insecure

Kirsten Heteji

Episode 191:  This week Kirsten Heteji joins the podcast to discuss her sculpture and installation works which utilize ceramics to explore the “ever present unseen” of everyday objects.  Kirsten was chosen as one of Studio Break’s 2017 MFA Competition Winners and is currently working to complete her thesis exhibition next spring at Illinois State University.

Kirsten Heteji      iTunes


  • Always already there
  • Beets
  • Borrowed Flowers
  • Shades of Gold
  • Discerned Obliquities
  • Magnolia et du mure
  • Shuttered Secrets
  • Staircases

Brooke P Alexander

Episode 190:  Brooke P Alexander joins the podcast to discuss her figurative paintings which explore narrative and are influenced by the structure found in literary works.  Her solo exhibition entitled Sillage is on display at Gallery 130 at the University of Mississippi  (Oxford) from April 23-27th.

Brooke P Alexander      iTunes

  • 1 Integrated Pattern
  • 2 PPD Layers
  • 3 Intermezzo
  • 4 Aside
  • 5 Many Moons
  • 6 Do you see what I see
  • 7 Do you see what I see
  • 8 Camp Out

Diana Baumbach

Episode 189:  Diana Baumbach returns to the podcast to discuss her current work, which focusing on repetition and the hand-made.  Her work explores a wide array of materials from paper to vinyl, mixed media installation, and unique collaborations that expand her interest in the process of making.

Diana Baumbach      iTunes

  • birdog1
  • aaadoneq
  • dondoner
  • getget491
  • jjjddone
  • asthoudoned
  • dfdurrrdone
  • glassdonerverdic
  • devdoner
  • hjhhhjjyydone

Matthew Merritt

Episode 188:  Matthew Merritt joins the podcast to discuss his recent series of digital drawings and how the process evolved from earlier experiences creating short films and videos.  Matthew’s work was selected by juror Bill Conger as one of Studio Breaks 2017 Competition winners and he has an upcoming solo exhibition in November 18′ at Design on Main Gallery, in Ames (IA).

Matthew Merritt      Design on Main

  • Quiet as a Mouse
  • Before After and In Between.._
  • Birds Eye
  • Climage Change Denier
  • Feeling Yourself Disinigrate
  • Flowerman
  • Good Riddance
  • No Tricks
  • Shapeshifter
  • The Road Less Traveled…._

Tom Colcord

Episode 187:  Tom Colcord joins the podcast to talk about his work which has explored paintings based on observation, installation, and collage.  Tom was selected as one of Studio Break’s 2017 MFA Competition Winners, his current exhibition entitled Spectrum, on view at the Glass Rice Gallery in San Francisco, which runs through February 24th.

Tom Colcord      Glass Rice Gallery      iTunes

  • Door To Nowhere,2016,Acrylic on Panel,60x43_2
  • Shadow City, 2016, Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 29
  • Windows, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 12′ x 15_1
  • Slice of Life, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 40 x 23.5
  • Path,2015,Acrylic on Panel,38.5×24.5
  • Sailing, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 34 x 24.5
  • Go Southwest, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 34 x 24.5
  • Ocean View, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 29
  • Beyond, 2015, Acrylic on Panel, 24 x 24
  • Reverse Boundaries, 2014, Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 22

Paul Silas Trapp

Episode 186:  Paul Silas Trapp joins us from Portland (OR) to discuss his paintings that include small scale and large shaped works that explore the ‘place’ by blending representation and abstraction.  Paul is currently working on a new series of paintings that will be exhibited at Untitled 2.0 Gallery in Grants Pass (OR) in September.

Paul Silas Trapp      iTunes

  • unsettling_FINAL_Build-a-Wall-iphone
  • unsettling_FINAL_install_web
  • unsettling_FINAL_freedom-from-want
  • RunTheJewels_FINAL_edit01_web
  • WomensMarch_FINAL_edit01_web
  • Headed-to-the-rally200dpi_Website
  • Wearing_hats_indoors_FINAL
  • 10612925_10152376087982809_3447282290883864539_n
  • Austin_FINAL01_cropped_website
  • delValle_04
  • delValle_01

Esteban del Valle

Episode 185:  This week Esteban del Valle joins the podcast from his studio at the Fine Arts Work Center in  Provincetown (MA) to elaborate on the journey his studio practice has taken since his previous appearance on Studio Break (Episode 24).  Esteban is an interdisciplinary artist who explores a variety of media including: painting, drawing, animation, video, and installation.

Esteban del Valle      Vimeo 1      Vimeo 2      Vimeo 3      iTunes

Osage Arts Community

  • 1_Incarnation_Dave
  • 2_Incarnation_Margaret
  • 3_Incarnation_Emily
  • 5_PastImperfect_BoysOnTheHood
  • 6_PastImperfect_Nomad
  • 7_Wayfinder_for_3_25_13
  • 8_Consumed_for_11-28-11
  • 9_Swarm_for_11_11_12
  • 10_Gods_Appointment_book_3_13_10

David Nelson

Episode 184:  David Nelson joins us from Dublin (NH) to discuss his system based abstract paintings as well as his recent series of portrait based works created through CMYK color separations.  David’s work can be seen at BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh (PA) as well as the Governors Island Art Fair through October 1st.

David Nelson      BoxHeart Gallery      Governors Island Art Fair      iTunes

  • Connected_Columbus_Italian_Village_III
  • Connected_Columbus_German_Village_Dusk
  • Connected_Columbus_Livingston_Gold
  • Connected_Columbus_Harrison_West_I
  • Connected_Columbus_Washington_Nocturne
  • Nocturne_Duo
  • Nocturne_Lot_II
  • Summer_Dusk_I
  • Nocturne_Trio
  • Nocturne_Lot_I

Christopher Burk

Episode 183:  This week Christopher Burk joins us from Columbus (OH) to discuss his paintings and drawings which are based off of observations of the urban landscape.  In the episode Christopher discusses the evolution of his oil paintings and his most recent series of gouache paintings which will be shown at Brandt-Roberts Galleries in an exhibition entitled: Stillness:Nocturnes by Christopher Burk.

Christopher Burk      Brandt-Roberts Galleries      iTunes

  • 14064154_1136679739756158_3794595864412784539_n
  • 17504967_10210042868643046_5026486336415952420_o
  • 14480629_10155023216760639_8526047764799638768_o
  • 14425329_10155023214135639_7954677330406029799_o
  • 17505062_10210042853802675_4932158185423729419_o
  • 17545504_10210042840082332_6193938800814018622_o
  • 17758572_10211297391566047_6826289462038450773_o

John Dorsey

Episode 182:  John Dorsey joined Dave at the Art Center in Belle (MO) to discuss his diverse experience as a writer.  During his residency at Osage Arts Community, John has completed new works of poetry and a screen play for Missouri Loves Company, which was filmed on location in Belle in June.

John Dorsey      Tangerine Press      Osage Arts Community      iTunes


  • still_life_with_train_ticket
  • Babel
  • Chaotic
  • Geneva
  • Ragtime
  • self_portrait_as_the_archer
  • Silk_kimono
  • Still_life_with_nautilus
  • untitled_still_life
  • yasmin2

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco

Episode 181:  This week Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco joins the podcast to discuss her studio practice which focuses on paintings of still life and portraits under direct observation.  Ilaria is also the creator of Print Solo, an online gallery of artists featuring original artist prints and handmade books.

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco      Print Solo      iTunes

  • A Change in Atmosphere
  • A Colored Image of the Scrum
  • A Form in Resistance
  • A Passive Form
  • Pendulum
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Absence of Other
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Existence of Form (installation view)
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Existence of Form
  • The Obstruction of Action by the Presence of Order
  • A_Performance_in_Parts
  • A_Routine_in_Parts

R. Eric McMaster

Episode 180:  R. Eric McMaster joins us from Austin (TX) and we discuss his interdisciplinary approach to art through sculpture, installation, performance, and video.  His recent performative and collaborative based works with athletes, musicians, and dancers explore choreographed or restricted environments through awe inspired spectacles.

R. Eric McMaster      A Routine in Parts (Video)      A Change in Atmosphere (Video)