• Julia Friedman

    ulia Friedman, Founder of ExchangeWorks, in front of a drawing that she exchanged with Eric Garduño. Photograph by Gabriella Marks

  • EW_printer

    Large-format printer, available for use, on ExchangeWorks

  • EW_NF_new1

    Example of work by Nayia Frangouli, available on ExchangeWorks

  • EW_ExchangeEvent1

    Artists Kara Maria and Gisela Insuaste with Julia Friedman at an Exchange Event in San Francisco. Photograph by Jasmine Boloorian

  • EW_Chelsea apt

    Chelsea apartment, temporary accommodations for artists, available on ExchangeWorks

  • EW_GI

    Example of work by Gisela Insuaste, available on ExchangeWorks


Exchange Works, Julia Friedman

Episode 118:  Exchange Works founder Julia Friedman joins Dave to explain the idea behind the online resource which creates opportunities for artists to exchange artworks for resources that support their studio practice.

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