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Matthew T McLaughlin

Episode 217:  This week Matthew T McLaughlin joins the podcast from the Washington D.C. area to talk about his multimedia works which incorporate printmaking, drawing, and installation based works, which explore the environment, landscape, and boundaries.  Currently he has 2 curated shows on view: Crossing Boundaries & Breaking Borders: DMV Printmaking at American University Museum, Washington, (DC) and (Sub)Urban Sprawl at the Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, (KS).

Matthew T McLaughlin      iTunes

  • Lisa.Gregweb
  • thumbnail_©LisaBergantKoi_Configuring(59)_24in.x20in.
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  • Sysiphus Calls It Quits 5361
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  • studio madness

Lisa Bergant Koi & Greg Edmondson

Episode 216:  Lisa Bergant Koi & Greg Edmondson join the podcast to discuss their studio practice and the direct or indirect influence of landscape in their work.  Lisa lives in Pittsburgh (PA) and her paintings explores how we interpret what we perceive through her colorful abstractions.  Greg has investigated various systems of abstraction that have gradually been influenced by the landscape along the Gasconade River and his extended residency at Osage Arts Community, located in Belle, (MO).

Lisa Bergant Koi      Greg Edmondson      Stubborn Mule Press      David Linneweh      iTunes


  • Kitchen Counter
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Collection of Mugs
  • Gold Luster Plates
  • Still Life with Paper Jar and Polaroids
  • Windowsill Arrangement
  • Last night’s dishes
  • Trophy Shelves
  • Stack of Crates
  • Still Life with Orange Basket and Peeled Orange

Kari Woolsey

Episode 215:  This week Kari Woolsey joins us to discuss her ceramic works that explore domesticity and objects of the everyday in her vessel work, compositions, and installations.  Kari’s is one of Studio Break’s 2018 Student Competition winners, which was juried by Brian Frink of RACA Gallery.   She’s currently an artist in residency and has an exhibition on view at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts that runs through May 4th.

Kari Woolsey      iTunes

  • She Gives (Quiet Strength IV)
  • She Gives (Quiet Strength V)
  • She Gives (Quiet Strength V)detail
  • Untitled (Quiet Strength III)
  • Untitled (Black and Gold)
  • Untitled (Black and Gold) detail
  • Untitled (Quiet Strength II)
  • Untitled (Quiet Strength II) detail
  • Interrupted
  • Resilient Beauty

Dyani White Hawk

Episode 214:  Dyani White Hawk joins the podcast to discuss her paintings and mixed media works which explore her Native American heritage through use of Sicangu Lakota art forms and combining them with her love of modernist abstract painting.  Dyani has an exhibition entitled See Her  on view from April 4th-May 23rd at the John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art at the University of Nevada (Reno) with an artist talk on Sat April 6th at 11AM.

Dyani White Hawk      John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art      iTunes

  • CumulusMontage
  • LRCappadociaRoom
  • LRLizTranPynk48x48
  • LRMoonscape20x14ea
  • LRstudio
  • MyOwnBaby
  • Guitar1
  • Hotel Studio Allston

Liz Tran

Episode 213:  This week Liz Tran returns to the podcast to share some new developments in her works which have largely focused on her mixed media paintings, installations, and collaborations.  Liz has a solo exhibition opening at Phylogeny Contemporary in Seattle (WA) from

Liz Tran      Phylogeny Contemporary      iTunes

  • Knowledge Held in a Collection of Stones
  • The Echo of the Rockslide
  • Sunset through Arches
  • Weightless Formations
  • Night Glow
  • Less Is
  • Kites
  • Installation view of exhibition titled A Language from Beyond Joy
  • Suddenly Born into Color
  • Worlds Touch

Lisa Lofgren

Episode 212:  Lisa Lofgren joins the podcast this week to discuss her work which explores a multitude of printmaking techniques to create layered prints as well as installations that based on her experiences of landscape.  Her exhibition entitled “what it was” is open through March 7th at the James S. Murray Gallery at Lincoln Land Community College with a reception on March 5th from 5:30-7:30 P.M.

Lisa Lofgren     James S. Murray Gallery      iTunes

  • Unpredictable Ben Anderson 2018 10×16
  • Stagnant Ben Anderson 2018 18×20
  • Shifts Ben Anderson 2018 20×34
  • Sand City Ensemble Ben Anderson 2018 33×56
  • Salinas Valley Coda Ben Anderson 2018 12×16
  • Presence Ben Anderson 2018 16×26
  • Midwestern Motif I Ben Anderson 2018 6.5×10.75
  • After Taste Ben Anderson 2018 12×24

Benjamin Scott Anderson

Episode 211:  This week Benjamin Scott Anderson discusses his plein air works that combine repeated experiences of painting from the same landscape in various conditions which are distilled into the same painting. Benjamin’s work was selected as part of Studio Breaks 2018 Student Competition juried by Brian Frink, his MFA Thesis exhibition opens at Bowling Green State University on April 26th.

Benjamin Scott Anderson     iTunes

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  • The Portrait
  • A Book ok Discoveries (Vignette
  • Eulogy of the Journey
  • Misanthropy
  • Rose and White
  • The Withered Rose (Vignette)
  • The Library
  • My Own Water
  • Soothed her Skin
  • Yours to Make

Jenn Gulgren

Episode 210:  Jenn Gulgren joins Studio Break this week to talk about her observational paintings from her surroundings as well as her Ennui works which explore uncertainty through figures occupying abstracted spaces and domesticity.  Jenn’s work was selected as part of Studio Breaks 2018 Student Competition juried by Brian Frink.

Jenn Gulgren      iTunes

  • Cycles#2
  • Cycles#3
  • Cycles#6
  • Country Roads
  • The Life Cycle
  • Monolito
  • Viewfinder
  • Enigmalith#1
  • Enigmalith#2
  • Kline’s Cherry St
  • Winter
  • Summer Winds

Gabriel Rojas

Episode 209:  This week Gabriel Rojas joins Studio Break to discuss his improvisational mixed media works comprised of organic and geometric shapes, textures, patterns, as well as pre-Columbian motifs.  Gabriel’s work was selected as part of Studio Breaks 2018 Student Competition juried by Brian Frink.

Gabriel Rojas      iTunes

  • Large_Ice_Cube
  • Oversize Load
  • I_Was_Young_When_I_Left_Home
  • Bantam Company
  • chocolatemilk
  • needle
  • light
  • rightofreturn
  • screen
  • smallbeer
  • The_Diplomat

David Gracie

Episode 208:  For the first podcast of 2019 David Gracie joins Studio Break to discuss the process behind his paintings, which have explored still life, portraits, landscapes, and other subjects.   

David Gracie      iTunes

  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 9
  • 5
  • 6
  • 1
  • 7
  • 8
  • 4
  • 2
  • 3

Erika B Hess

Episode 207:  This week Erika b Hess drops in to discuss her paintings explore a variety of subjects that include the figure, landscape, and still life combined from daily observations to create narratives within her work.  In addition to her studio practice, Erika is also the founder of I Like Your Work Podcast, which interviews a variety of artists, collectors, and curators.

Erika b Hess      I Like Your Work Podcast      iTunes

  • Graham-Shearing-The-Tyranny-of-Objects-oil-on-linen-24-x-32
  • Graham-Shearing-detail
  • Susheela-gaphite-on-canvas-8×10
  • Susheela-oil-on-linen-20×24
  • Night-Studio-graphite-on-paper-30×26
  • Night-Window-oil-on-linen-48-x-32
  • Night-Window-Detail
  • Jerome-Witkin-oil-on-linen-mounted-to-board-20×16
  • Allegheny River-oil-on-linen-14×30
  • Interior-with-Two-Figures-oil-on-linen-mounted-to-board-16×22
  • Skull-oil-on-linen-mounted-to-board-16-x-20
  • David Stanger_Studio.2
  • David Stanger_Studio

David Stanger

Episode 206:  David Stanger joins Studio Break to discuss his studio practice which has largely focused on representational painting and drawing, most noticeably his series of portrait paintings.

David Stanger      iTunes