• Exterior view of University Galleries of Illinois State University
  • Installation view of Walter Robinson2
  • Installation view of Walter Robinson
  • Installation view of Walter Robinson3
  • Rottenberg-Web
  • Jaun-Angel-Chavez-WEB
  • Laura-Letinsky_WEB
  • Ribbon cutting

Kendra Paitz, ISU Galleries

Episode 129:  Senior Curator Kendra Paitz of Illinois State University Galleries joins us to talk about the new exhibition venue and the current survey exhibition of paintings by Walter Robinson from 1979-2014 entitled “Paintings and Other Indulgences.”

University Galleries      Bookstore      iTunes

  • studio
  • Strange  Situation; 2014; oil on canvas over panel; 30″ x 24″
  • Portal; 2014; oil on canvas over panel; 14″ x 11″

Suzanne Laura Kammin & Joe Morzuch

Episode 128:  This week Suzanne Laura Kammin & Joe Morzuch join us to discussion their painting practice, how long it takes to resolve a painting, and the relationship between abstraction and representation amongst other topics.

Suzanne Laura Kammin      Joe Morzuch      The Painting Center      iTunes

  • DSC01781_2
  • DSC01347
  • DSC01794
  • DSC01434_2
  • DSC01044

Brian Frink

Episode 127:  This week Brian Frink is back with is to discuss his most recent series of paintings that will be exhibited at the Carnegie Art Center in Mankato (MN) on Saturday December 6th.  The title for the exhibition is “Memory of Water” and refers to his experiences of observing waves and incorporating those experiences into these formal paintings that explore the grid and lyrical approach to painting.

Brian Frink      RACA       RACA/Facebook     iTunes

  • 1
  • 22
  • Dana Sikkila Image 2
  • Dana Sikkila.
  • install
  • murphy
  • IMG_0488
  • Dana Sikkila
  • Dana
  • IMG_0523
  • dylan111
  • IMG_0698
  • IMG_1121
  • IMG_1180

Dana Sikkila

Episode 126:  In this weeks episode Dana Sikkila joins us from Mankato MN to discuss her installations which combine print, sculpture, and performance.  We also discuss her experience as the director of The 410 Project, an experimental venue that hosts exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, and other live events.

Dana Sikkila      The 410 Project      iTunes

  • Ambigious Landscapes Installation, April 2014
  • Ambigious Landscapes, Installation 2, April 2014
  • Ambigious Landscapes, Installation.
  • Cultrual Scramble Paint by numbers
  • Culture Scramble, Plywood, MDF, Foam, Styrospray, and two-by-fours, Arpil 2014, 6ft X 4
  • Dena Thomas-Aouassou, Fine Line
  • Salah. two way mirror, light, plywood.
  • Strategic Stability, 2, plywood, projection, two-by-fours
  • What Lies Beneath (detail_lamp), Bronze, 10in X 8
  • What Lies Beneath, Bronze, steel, oil, sand, pump and red oak 2014, 3.5Ft X 2

Dena Thomas-Aouassou

Episode 125:  This weeks episode features Dena Thomas-Aouassou, one of our 2014 MFA Competition winners selected by Richard Holland of Bad at Sports.  Dena’s sculpture & installation based works are informed from her experience living in Morocco and discuss the geopolitical strategies that alter and shape the region.

Dena Thomas-Aouassou      iTunes


  • so_foolish_II
  • so_foolish_I
  • do_you_want_a_kids_menu_II
  • do_you_want_a_kids_menu_I
  • selective_indifference_II
  • selective_indifference_I
  • straight_laced_girls_II
  • straight_laced_girls_I
  • obstacles_II
  • obstacles_I

Chelsey Vandervliet

Episode 124:  Chelsey Vandervliet joins Dave this week to provide a look into her series of photographs exploring ideas of identity, performance, and indie rock!  Chelsey is one of our 2014 BFA Competition Winners selected by Richard Holland (Bad at Sports) and aside from studio practice we also explore her collaboration with her twin sister Lin who was featured in our last interview.

Chelsey Vandervliet      iTunes

  • 08
  • 09
  • 10
  • 13
  • Untitled_01
  • Untitled_02
  • Untitled_03
  • Untitled_04

Lin Vandervliet

Episode 123: In this weeks interview 2014 BFA Competition Winner Lin Vandervliet joins us to discuss her interests in identity and to specifically discuss the idea of twinhood through a series of performative photographs with her twin sister Chelsey.   Our interview with Lin will be followed up by an interview with Chelsey and both were selected by our juror Richard Holland of the Bad at Sports podcast from Chicago!

Lin Vandervliet      Blog/Tumblr      iTunes

  • Calabro 2
  • Calabro
  • Crowley 1
  • Gardner 1
  • Gardner 2
  • Odom 2
  • Odom 4
  • Short 1
  • Short 2

DEMO Project

Episode 122:  This week Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson of Demo Project in Springfield Illinois join Dave to discuss past, current, and future exhibitions while shedding light on the mission of the alternative space.

Demo Project      iTunes


  • 2455444_orig
  • 8634609_orig
  • 5222874_orig
  • 4312281_orig
  • 1814729_orig
  • 3954047_orig
  • 4719249_orig
  • andersjohnson_shed(2013 version)_24x24_2013
  • andersjohnson_shrines_20x24_2013
  • andersjohnson_shed(2012 version)_24x24_2012

Anders Johnson

Episode 121:  This week Anders Johnson joins the podcast to discuss his recent paintings the explore both representation with a dose of abstraction.  We also discuss his upcoming artist talk for Retrofit, a three person exhibition featuring the work of David Linneweh and Melissa Wilkinson.

Anders Johnson      Rall Gallery      iTunes

  • Find and Found 2_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 1_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 13_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 3_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 12_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 14_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Slab_150 dpi
  • Find and Found 1_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Cart Stack_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Tablet #1_150 dpi
  • Find and Found 4_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Artifact #7_150 dpi

Erin Hayden & Jeff Robinson

Episode 120:  Erin Hayden & Jeff Robinson join us this week to share insight into their use of material as both use found materials in their works that explore collage, assemblage, and transformation.  Their exhibition Find & Found  is currently on display at the Peoria Art Guild and can be seen through August 17th.

Erin Hayden      Jeff Robinson      Peoria Art Guild      iTunes

  • 1PJM
  • 2PJM
  • 3PJM
  • 4PJM
  • 5PJM
  • 6PJM
  • 7PJM
  • 8PJM
  • 9PJM
  • 10PJM

Phillip J Mellen

Episode 119:  This week Phillip J Mellen joins us from his studio in Massachusetts to discuss his recent paintings and studio exploration.  During the interview we also discuss social media, the importance of community and his podcast series called Ahtcast.

Phillip J Mellen      Ahtcast     iTunes

  • Julia Friedman
  • EW_printer
  • EW_NF_new1
  • EW_ExchangeEvent1
  • EW_Chelsea apt
  • EW_GI

Exchange Works, Julia Friedman

Episode 118:  Exchange Works founder Julia Friedman joins Dave to explain the idea behind the online resource which creates opportunities for artists to exchange artworks for resources that support their studio practice.

ExchangeWorks      iTunes

  • juditavill8
  • juditavill4
  • juditavill1
  • juditavill3
  • juditavill5
  • juditavill2
  • juditavill7
  • juditavill6
  • juditavill9
  • juditavill10

Judi Tavill

Episode 117:  Judi Tavill joins Dave from New Jersey to discuss her background in fashion design and how those experiences influenced her exploration of ceramics which ultimately led her to explore new creative territory as a ceramic artist.

Judi Tavill      iTunes

  • studiobreak1
  • studiobreak7
  • studiobreak6
  • Pictures by Laura Daniels
  • Pictures by Laura Daniels
  • studiobreak5
  • studiobreak4
  • studiobreak3
  • studiobreak2
  • studio_shot

Paul Loughney

Episode 116:  Paul Loughney joins Dave this week to  discuss previous work as well as his early exploration of Art as a teenager and how his background in printmaking still informs his most recent series of collage works.

Paul Loughney      iTunes

  • Please Epidemic
  • Ricin Blow Me
  • 1912128_10151903821785778_724540025_n
  • Wizard Extremism
  • Weapons Cache Fucker
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Chocolope 2011
  • 243929_10150200465565778_5319656_o
  • Ayatollah 2011
  • Biddy Early 2011

Christopher Moss

Episode 115:  This week painter Christopher Moss who spoke with Dave from his Brooklyn studio.  In the episode he shares insight into some of his recent painting methods and some of his recent studio work which will be exhibited at Grizzly Grizzly in Philadelphia.

Christopher Moss      iTunes

  • ArtCamp Painting 58″x60″
  • tumblr_n1i6gxkuip1sqnr8go1_1280
  • ArtCamp Painting Early Spring 24″ x24″ 2014
  • tumblr_n139h4dBlq1sqnr8go1_1280
  • ArtCamp Painting 40″ x 44″ 2014
  • ArtCamp Winter 2014
  • ArtCamp Painting 30″ x40″ oil on Canvas 2013
  • Kooyman_Richard_A_Fall_oil_16x12

Richard Kooyman

Episode 114:  Richard Kooyman joins Dave on the podcast to discuss some of his recent landscape paintings from “Art Camp” which will be exhibited at the Old Art Building in Leland Michigan with an official opening of June 27th.   In the podcast he shares insight into his work, his background as a ceramic artist and how he transitioned into studying and falling in love with painting.

Richard Kooyman      Old Art Building      iTunes

  • callaghan02
  • callaghan01
  • callaghan03
  • callaghan10
  • callaghan04
  • callaghan05
  • callaghan07
  • callaghan06
  • callaghan08
  • callaghan09

Timothy Callaghan

Episode 113:  This week we’re back with Timothy Callaghan, a painter currently living in Cleveland Ohio where he creates paintings from the every day while exploring landscape, interior, portraits, and still life.

Timothy Callaghan      One Painting A Day      iTunes

  • NSchliesman01
  • NSchliesman03
  • NSchliesman02
  • NSchliesman04
  • NSchliesman05
  • NSchliesman06
  • NSchliesman07
  • NSchliesman08
  • NSchliesman09
  • NSchliesman10

Naomi Schliesman

Episode 112:  Naomi Schliesman joins us from Fergus Falls Minnesota to discuss how studio practice and  fascination with a scientific exploration of illness finds a place of influence in her sculptural and installation based works.

Naomi Schliesman      Springboard for the Arts      Imagine Fergus Falls      iTunes

  • 02_Politzer_HDL_VideoStill_4
  • 03_Politzer_HDL_VideoStill_7
  • Politzer_5_GC5
  • BeachChickens
  • SwampCorner_square
  • Politzer_1_HDLDocStill_4
  • NewGrowth_1
  • SuiteCaliHills_2
  • 06_ArkansasWildlife_square_1_small
  • PhoneSunflower_edit

David Politzer

Episode 111:  David Politzer delves into his photo, video, & multimedia artworks  which explore ideas of experience.   He often becomes a performer in his videos that utilize narrative and humor to examine aspects of  identity.

David Politzer      Artspace        A Rousing View of Nature’s Magnificence       iTunes

  • diane-6 copy
  • diane-5 copy
  • diane-8
  • diane-4 copy
  • diane-3 copy
  • diane-7 copy
  • diane-1 copy
  • diane-2 copy
  • Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 1.33.25 PM

Diane Scott

Episode 110: Our new episode features New Zealand Artist Diane Scott who discusses her transition from Sculptor to Painter and her most recent body of work just exhibited at 30 Upstairs Gallery in Wellington.

Diane Scott      30 Upstairs Gallery      iTunes



Joe Morzuch

Episode 109:  Joe Morzuch is a painter immersed in the process of painting and working from life,  he joins us to talk about how his studio practice has evolved and his new exhibition at Gallery Fifty Six in Memphis.

Joe Morzuch      Gallery Fifty Six      iTunes

  • AbscissaWebSB
  • DensitySB
  • Disintegration1SB
  • disintegration3SB
  • dolbylowSB
  • Phase1WebSB
  • Phase2WebSB
  • Resonance1webSB
  • Resonance2WebSB
  • SustainWebSB

Terence Hannum

Episode 108:  Terence Hannum shares a unique coming to Art story and shares his thoughts on painting, installation, music, and  ultimately how his love for magnetic tape and analog recording influences his creative life in a variety of ways.

Terence Hannum      Locrian       iTunes

  • 11
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • 5
  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7

Mary Laube

Episode 107:  Mary Laube is a painter who works in a variety of project based works that move beyond the isolated studio approach of a painter to include collaborations with other visual artists and musicians to continually invigorate her practice.

Mary Laube      Jan Brandt Gallery      iTunes

  • BAS, Duncan MacKenzie & Richard Holland
  • BAS, VOLTA NY 2014, photo by David Willems
  • BAS, Expo Chicago 2012, photo by Improbable Objects
  • BAS with Narcisister, photo by Amanda Browder
  • BAS, photo by Amanda Browder
  • richard
  • Richard, rocket launching

Richard Holland

Episode 106:  Richard Holland is a founding member of Bad at Sports, a podcast which started in Chicago and has since grown to global proportions with over 30 contributors and expanding the discussion around Contemporary Art through interviews, panel discussions, exhibition reviews and more.

Bad at Sports      iTunes 

  • a southern illinois endless summer
  • Temporal (Shoes ‘n’ Stuff)
  • IMG_4012
  • DSC_0200
  • big fridays at the metals house with mitch martin, dan randall, dave linneweh, adam mysock, and john reddington
  • IMG_4028
  • Temporal (Dairy Queen)
  • IMG_4021
  • DSC_0195
  • IMG_4055

David Linneweh & John Reddington

Episode 105:  David Linneweh and John Reddingotn chat about their exhibition So, IL. Perspective: Re-imagined Landscapes which focuses on the Southern Illinois region where they both met at SIUC.  The exhibition features 22 works in all and will be on view through April 27th  at the Cockran Gallery of the Rehoboth Art League in Rehoboth Beach DE.

Rehoboth Art League      David Linneweh      John Reddington      iTunes


  • Screenprinted Biennial Poster
  • John Hitchcocks Ghosts of Brutality
  • Midwest Pressed Time Machine
  • Midwest Pressed LP 4
  • Erik Waterkottee Ryan Huber Audio Project
  • Shawn Lawson Mobius Sky
  • Karis-Nix TROYBOT
  • Florence Gidez The One to Blame
  • Nathan Meltz Laborers 4
  • Robot Squeegee T-Shirt

Nathan Meltz, Screenprint Biennial

Episode 104:  Nathan Meltz joins us to discuss the Screenprint Biennial which will feature 30 Contemporary Printmakers exploring the medium of screen printing in a wide range that includes traditional approaches, installation, animation and more.

Screenprint Biennial      Kickstarter      Nathan Meltz       iTunes

  • In 3D
  • Still Life with Sunflowers
  • Still Life with Irises
  • Still Life with Frame
  • Monarch
  • Spring is here
  • Godzundheit
  • Another Painting For Your Kitchen

Mel Cook

Episode 103:  Mel Cook  is a painter and a Studio Break 2013 MFA Competition Winner;  her solo exhibition Between the Void opens Sat March 22nd at the Peoria Art Guild.

Mel Cook      Peoria Art Guild       iTunes

  • Clay, Metal, Fiber
  • Tim Kowalczyk shooting gallery
  • Joseph Jenner personalvolume1
  • Lauren Turk Linger Above and Below
  • Tim Kowalczyk analog skies
  • Joseph Jenner penandinkwell
  • Lauren Turk Rouge
  • Tim Kowalczyk dried up
  • Joseph Jenner personalvolume2
  • Lauren Turk Sinister Crustacean

Tim Kowalczyk, Joseph Jenner, Lauren Turk

Episode 102:  We chat with Tim Kowalczyk, Joseph Jenner, and Lauren Turk about their group exhibition: Of Clay, Metal, and Fiber currently at Joliet Junior College.

Tim Kowalczyk      Joseph Jenner      Lauren Turk      Laura A Sprague Gallery      iTunes

  • Syracuse University, 1970, flanked by high school portraits of John and George
  • Playing bass, 1971
  • West Philadelphia,1977
  • Martin Wong, 1984
  • Houston&West Broadway, 1984
  • haring&tseng kwong chi at Semaphore East, 1984
  • with Robert Colescott and Annie Herron at Semaphore East, 1985
  • “New Irrascibles” portrait, with Pat Hearn and other East Village dealers, 1985
  • Snowman built by Bill Conger and Barry at Toney Tasset’s house in Oak Park, 2003
  • Nadia Hotait, 2010
  • Meredith Zielke & Yoni Goldstein.The Jettisoned, 2011
  • Jason Lazarus exhibition, 2011
  • Hurricane Sandy Benefit,2012
  • BB & The Aesthetics, 2012
  • with daughter Leah and Tony Tasset’s “Eye,” Chicago, 2010

Barry Blinderman

Episode 101:  Barry Blinderman joins the podcast with a variety of stories regarding his experiences as a curator, writer, and musician.  In the podcast Barry  describes an informative trip to Europe at nineteen, curating exhibitions in New York, interviewing Andy Warhol and how his passion for art has continued in the Midwest.

Illinois State University Galleries      Bookstore      Soundcloud      iTunes

  • 1941302_10152233301492590_968244638_o
  • Bells_21
  • bells_23
  • hearts15
  • hearts17
  • in_her
  • lightly_bluish
  • sunshines_web

Bill Conger

Episode 100:  Bill Conger returns yet again for our 100th episode of the podcast, we discuss what’s going on in his studio and his most recent series of painting and collage work the bells.

Bill Conger      65GRAND      iTunes