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Nick Naber

Episode 151:  This week Nick Naber joins us to discuss his studio practice which explores ideas of architecture, space, and home through an intensive drawing practice.  Nick is the co-editor of The Costal Post and his work is currently featured in a group exhibition at Opus Projects in New York entitled Opus Unum.

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Megan Kathol Bersett

Episode 149:  Megan Kathol Bersett joins us this week to discuss her paintings and her solo exhibition entitled “Tug” that’s up through October 1st at McHenry County College.

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  • Manifest Street View
  • High: A Survey of Realism
  • 1st Manifest Prize (ONE 1)
  • Solo Exhibit – Shelby Shadwell
  • Bestiary video installation
  • 3rd Manifest Prize (ONE 3)
  • Master Pieces 5 (2)
  • INPHA 3 in local bookstore
  • INPHA and INPA publications
  • Manifest Open Figure Life Drawing Session
  • David Kassan demo 2012_2
  • 1st Manifest Artist Residency Studio
  • 2nd Manifest Artists in Residence Nicholas Mancini and Jeremy Plunkett
  • Manifest Staff (Summer 2013) Tim Parsley, Michelle Sanchez, Katie Baker, Jason Franz

Jason Franz, Manifest

Episode 148: Jason Franz of Manifest joins us this week to discuss the history and formation of the Cincinnati nonprofit since it’s inception in 2004.  Manifest Gallery has exhibited artists from around the globe with each and every exhibition available as an exhibition in print through Manifest Press.  In addition to exhibitions Manifest now features an Artist Residency and offers a variety of drawing courses and workshops through their Drawing Center.

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  • Episode 147
  • Fruit Punch
  • Take what you need
  • Sweet Feet
  • Thumbs
  • Reach_copy
  • Jaw Dropping
  • Bee’s Knees
  • Pickles and Jokes

Mel Cook/Erin Hayden

Episode 147:  Mel Cook and Erin Hayden join us to reveal what’s been occupying their time in the studio and to share some insight into their solo exhibitions opening at Jan Brandt Gallery in Bloomington, Illinois.

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  • 1_I80W_old Red Line
  • 2_I80W_East Peoria
  • 3_I80W_corner church
  • 4_I80W_Tonys
  • 5_I80W_arch firm
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Corrie Slawson

Episode 146:  This week Corrie Slawson opens the door to her studio and we preview her solo exhibition “Take I-80 West until the light changes.” currently on view at the Peoria Art Guild.

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  • Holmgren_Canopy
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  • Holmgren_Pile
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  • ADeviceForMeasuringMostThings
  • LyricsForAnUnwrittenSong3
  • NorthernWeather5

Kristoffer Holmgren/Nick Satinover

Episode 144:  Kristoffer Holmgren and Nick Satinover join us to talk about their solo exhibitions which open up at Jan Brandt Gallery on June 6th, from 7-9pm in Bloomington, IL.

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Mike Rea

Episode 143:  Mike Rea joins us to discuss his current exhibition entitled Ghosting, which is on view at Demo Project through June 6th.  The exhibition features a variety of wooden sculptures that explore Rea’s personal narrative related to pop culture, memory, humor, horror, vulgarity, and sensitivity.

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  • Untitled (Cool Wash)
  • Untitled (Orange Top Triangle)
  • Untitled (Primary Drags)
  • Untitled (Red Left Wave)
  • Untitled (Black TOp Dots)
  • Untitled (Bottom Spackle Reach)
  • Untitled (Smalt Triangle)
  • Untitled (spackle Rope Wave)

Jessica Simorte

Episode 142:  Jessica Simorte joins us to discuss her paintings which are initially informed through her intensive sketchbook and drawing practice.  Her abstract paintings are created while considering the elements and principals of design and continually reworked till they achieve a formal harmony.

Jessica Simorte      Kansas City Artists Coalition      iTunes

  • Commonplace Passions_sb
  • and the half-light_sb
  • For Days_sb
  • Immortality as a Gesture_sb
  • In Their Places_sb
  • Keep Myself Company_sb
  • Minor Rearrangements_sb
  • Pure Threshold_sb
  • Tiny Small no.321_sb

Sara Pedigo

Episode 141:  This week Sara Pedigo shares insight into her representational paintings which explore a variety of subjects and approaches based off of photographic references, but especially working from direct observation.

Sara Pedigo      The Ongoing Process      Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra      iTunes

  • Holding A Stag by Job Johnson wht72
  • Black Agnes Dunbar
  • Butterfly second version 72
  • (Kevin Hays) 72
  • Hard Work 72
  • House of Worship 2 views72
  • DH#12 ft 72
  • Mom 72black
  • Want 72
  • Tranquility and Justice wht 72

Jeremiah Johnson

Episode 140:  Jeremiah Johnson joins us from Williamsport, Pennsylvania where he maintains a very intensive and multidisciplinary studio practice that explores life experience, culture, and folklore.  Jeremiah also shares insight into his alter ego Job Johnson, the impetus for his upcoming exhibition entitled The Story of Job which opens at  Arcilesi/Homberg Fine Art in May.

Jeremiah Johnson      iTunes

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Dmitry Samarov

Episode 138:  This week we’re back with Dmitry Samarov who joined us from his living room to chat about his paintings and drawings of Still Life, Cityscapes, Interiors, Portraiture and a variety of subjects from the every day.

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Rebecca Vickers

Episode 137:  Rebecca Vickers joins the podcast and we discuss her recent multimedia artworks that explore print, photography, video, and music.  Rebecca’s work was selected by juror Richard Holland (Bad at Sports) for Studio Breaks Annual Competition.

Rebecca Vickers      art4d      iTunes


  • lukas2014013
  • Mural
  • lukas2014004
  • Untitled
  • lukasguerrero
  • AN, 2014
  • RTMA, 2013
  • Untitled, 2014
  • extraextra
  • Untitled (Panel one of five in a series), 2013
  • lukas2011027

Alex Lukas

Episode 136:  Alex Lukas joins the podcast to share insight into his studio practice and how travel and new experiences have informed his mixed media works which incorporate painting, drawing, printmaking, bookmaking, sculpture and installation!

Alex Lukas      iTunes

  • IMG_6182
  • IMG_6183
  • IMG_6185
  • IMG_6186
  • IMG_6187
  • IMG_6188
  • IMG_6189
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Hans Habeger & David Linneweh

Episode 135:  Hans Habeger joins the podcast to chat with Dave about their two-person exhibition entitled Reconstructed Landsacpes at the Robert F. Decaprio Art Gallery at Morraine Valley Community College.  The exhibition features a variety of paintings and drawings that explore the ever changing urban and suburban landscape.

Hans Habeger     David Linneweh      iTunes

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  • KristaTomorowitz1
  • TimothyCallaghan2
  • TimothyCallaghan1
  • Detail1
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Timothy Callaghan

Episode 134:  Timothy Callaghan joins the podcast once again to discuss his upcoming exhibition of collaborative works with fashion designer Krista Tomorowitz.  The exhibition entitled “Altercations” opens at the William Busta Gallery in Cleveland Ohio on February 6th.

Timothy Callaghan      William Busta Gallery      iTunes

  • Christina LaMaster upcoming @ PAG Dec 2015
  • Reclaim Remember Repeat @ PAG 2014 (1)
  • Alexander Keyes upcoming @ PAG Dec 2015
  • Joy Christiansen Erb upcoming @ PAG 2015
  • Dawn Gettler upcoming @ PAG Dec 2015
  • David Hamlow upcoming @ PAG Dec 2015
  • PAG Studio School kids installation art class
  • Kids Summer Camp at PAG Studio School

Joshua Cox

Episode 133:  Joshua Cox joins us from the Peoria Art Guild to talk a bit about the history of the guild and share some insight into the new education program which offers guided tours, studio courses, and professional workshops for practicing artists.

The Peoria Art Guild      Tumblr      iTunes

  • Kishita_Summer Hanauma Bay
  • Kishita_Autumn Evening, Lakeside
  • Kishita_November, Low Tide
  • Kishita_Pine River_7_SM
  • Kishita_Late Summer, Sunset at Sea
  • Kishita_Morning Rays Santa Fe
  • Kishita_Pine River_9_SM
  • Kishita_Under Grand Firmament
  • Kishita_Midsummer, High Tide
  • September Evening Violet Sky
  • Kishita_Early Evening Boat Wake

Michele Kishita

Episode 132:  On this weeks podcast Michele Kishita provides some background on her studio practice and previews some of the work in a new exhibition opening at the Windsor Art Center.  Michele’s work was selected by juror Richard Holland of Bad at Sports for Studio Breaks Annual Competition.

Michele Kishita      Windsor Art Center      iTunes

  • The Yellow Face
  • The Engineer’s Thumb
  • The Crooked Man
  • La Loba
  • 3 Bed:1 Bath
  • 3 Bed:1 Bath Remembered
  • Follow Me
  • The Studio

Anne Carney Raines

Episode 131:  Anne Carney Raines joins us to discuss her recent paintings which explore art historical and personal narrative within a anonymous interior spaces.  As a winner of our 2014 Studio Break Competition Anne’s work was selected by Richard Holland (Bad at Sports) and will be featured in a solo exhibition at Demo Project (Springfield, IL).

Anne Carney Raines      Demo Project      iTunes

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Nour Bishouty

Episode 130:  Our first episode of the new year features artist Nour Bishouty who spoke with us from a cafe in Beirut where she’s currently an artist in Residence at Home workspace Program (Ashkal Alwan.)  We’re very pleased that Nour was selected by juror Richard Holland (Bad at Sports) as a 2014 MFA Winner for Studio Breaks annual competition.

Nour Bishouty      Ashkal Alwan      iTunes

  • Exterior view of University Galleries of Illinois State University
  • Installation view of Walter Robinson2
  • Installation view of Walter Robinson
  • Installation view of Walter Robinson3
  • Rottenberg-Web
  • Jaun-Angel-Chavez-WEB
  • Laura-Letinsky_WEB
  • Ribbon cutting

Kendra Paitz, ISU Galleries

Episode 129:  Senior Curator Kendra Paitz of Illinois State University Galleries joins us to talk about the new exhibition venue and the current survey exhibition of paintings by Walter Robinson from 1979-2014 entitled “Paintings and Other Indulgences.”

University Galleries      Bookstore      iTunes

  • studio
  • Strange  Situation; 2014; oil on canvas over panel; 30″ x 24″
  • Portal; 2014; oil on canvas over panel; 14″ x 11″

Suzanne Laura Kammin & Joe Morzuch

Episode 128:  This week Suzanne Laura Kammin & Joe Morzuch join us to discussion their painting practice, how long it takes to resolve a painting, and the relationship between abstraction and representation amongst other topics.

Suzanne Laura Kammin      Joe Morzuch      The Painting Center      iTunes

  • DSC01781_2
  • DSC01347
  • DSC01794
  • DSC01434_2
  • DSC01044

Brian Frink

Episode 127:  This week Brian Frink is back with is to discuss his most recent series of paintings that will be exhibited at the Carnegie Art Center in Mankato (MN) on Saturday December 6th.  The title for the exhibition is “Memory of Water” and refers to his experiences of observing waves and incorporating those experiences into these formal paintings that explore the grid and lyrical approach to painting.

Brian Frink      RACA       RACA/Facebook     iTunes

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  • Dana Sikkila Image 2
  • Dana Sikkila.
  • install
  • murphy
  • IMG_0488
  • Dana Sikkila
  • Dana
  • IMG_0523
  • dylan111
  • IMG_0698
  • IMG_1121
  • IMG_1180

Dana Sikkila

Episode 126:  In this weeks episode Dana Sikkila joins us from Mankato MN to discuss her installations which combine print, sculpture, and performance.  We also discuss her experience as the director of The 410 Project, an experimental venue that hosts exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, and other live events.

Dana Sikkila      The 410 Project      iTunes

  • Ambigious Landscapes Installation, April 2014
  • Ambigious Landscapes, Installation 2, April 2014
  • Ambigious Landscapes, Installation.
  • Cultrual Scramble Paint by numbers
  • Culture Scramble, Plywood, MDF, Foam, Styrospray, and two-by-fours, Arpil 2014, 6ft X 4
  • Dena Thomas-Aouassou, Fine Line
  • Salah. two way mirror, light, plywood.
  • Strategic Stability, 2, plywood, projection, two-by-fours
  • What Lies Beneath (detail_lamp), Bronze, 10in X 8
  • What Lies Beneath, Bronze, steel, oil, sand, pump and red oak 2014, 3.5Ft X 2

Dena Thomas-Aouassou

Episode 125:  This weeks episode features Dena Thomas-Aouassou, one of our 2014 MFA Competition winners selected by Richard Holland of Bad at Sports.  Dena’s sculpture & installation based works are informed from her experience living in Morocco and discuss the geopolitical strategies that alter and shape the region.

Dena Thomas-Aouassou      iTunes


  • so_foolish_II
  • so_foolish_I
  • do_you_want_a_kids_menu_II
  • do_you_want_a_kids_menu_I
  • selective_indifference_II
  • selective_indifference_I
  • straight_laced_girls_II
  • straight_laced_girls_I
  • obstacles_II
  • obstacles_I

Chelsey Vandervliet

Episode 124:  Chelsey Vandervliet joins Dave this week to provide a look into her series of photographs exploring ideas of identity, performance, and indie rock!  Chelsey is one of our 2014 BFA Competition Winners selected by Richard Holland (Bad at Sports) and aside from studio practice we also explore her collaboration with her twin sister Lin who was featured in our last interview.

Chelsey Vandervliet      iTunes

  • 2455444_orig
  • 8634609_orig
  • 5222874_orig
  • 4312281_orig
  • 1814729_orig
  • 3954047_orig
  • 4719249_orig
  • andersjohnson_shed(2013 version)_24x24_2013
  • andersjohnson_shrines_20x24_2013
  • andersjohnson_shed(2012 version)_24x24_2012

Anders Johnson

Episode 121:  This week Anders Johnson joins the podcast to discuss his recent paintings the explore both representation with a dose of abstraction.  We also discuss his upcoming artist talk for Retrofit, a three person exhibition featuring the work of David Linneweh and Melissa Wilkinson.

Anders Johnson      Rall Gallery      iTunes

  • Find and Found 2_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 1_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 13_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 3_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 12_150 dpi
  • Hayden_Find and Found 14_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Slab_150 dpi
  • Find and Found 1_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Cart Stack_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Tablet #1_150 dpi
  • Find and Found 4_150 dpi
  • Jeff_Artifact #7_150 dpi

Erin Hayden & Jeff Robinson

Episode 120:  Erin Hayden & Jeff Robinson join us this week to share insight into their use of material as both use found materials in their works that explore collage, assemblage, and transformation.  Their exhibition Find & Found  is currently on display at the Peoria Art Guild and can be seen through August 17th.

Erin Hayden      Jeff Robinson      Peoria Art Guild      iTunes

  • Julia Friedman
  • EW_printer
  • EW_NF_new1
  • EW_ExchangeEvent1
  • EW_Chelsea apt
  • EW_GI

Exchange Works, Julia Friedman

Episode 118:  Exchange Works founder Julia Friedman joins Dave to explain the idea behind the online resource which creates opportunities for artists to exchange artworks for resources that support their studio practice.

ExchangeWorks      iTunes

  • juditavill8
  • juditavill4
  • juditavill1
  • juditavill3
  • juditavill5
  • juditavill2
  • juditavill7
  • juditavill6
  • juditavill9
  • juditavill10

Judi Tavill

Episode 117:  Judi Tavill joins Dave from New Jersey to discuss her background in fashion design and how those experiences influenced her exploration of ceramics which ultimately led her to explore new creative territory as a ceramic artist.

Judi Tavill      iTunes

  • studiobreak1
  • studiobreak7
  • studiobreak6
  • Pictures by Laura Daniels
  • Pictures by Laura Daniels
  • studiobreak5
  • studiobreak4
  • studiobreak3
  • studiobreak2
  • studio_shot

Paul Loughney

Episode 116:  Paul Loughney joins Dave this week to  discuss previous work as well as his early exploration of Art as a teenager and how his background in printmaking still informs his most recent series of collage works.

Paul Loughney      iTunes