• BAS, Duncan MacKenzie & Richard Holland
  • BAS, VOLTA NY 2014, photo by David Willems
  • BAS, Expo Chicago 2012, photo by Improbable Objects
  • BAS with Narcisister, photo by Amanda Browder
  • BAS, photo by Amanda Browder
  • richard
  • Richard, rocket launching

Richard Holland

Episode 106:  Richard Holland is a founding member of Bad at Sports, a podcast which started in Chicago and has since grown to global proportions with over 30 contributors and expanding the discussion around Contemporary Art through interviews, panel discussions, exhibition reviews and more.

Bad at Sports      iTunes 

  • a southern illinois endless summer
  • Temporal (Shoes ‘n’ Stuff)
  • IMG_4012
  • DSC_0200
  • big fridays at the metals house with mitch martin, dan randall, dave linneweh, adam mysock, and john reddington
  • IMG_4028
  • Temporal (Dairy Queen)
  • IMG_4021
  • DSC_0195
  • IMG_4055

David Linneweh & John Reddington

Episode 105:  David Linneweh and John Reddingotn chat about their exhibition So, IL. Perspective: Re-imagined Landscapes which focuses on the Southern Illinois region where they both met at SIUC.  The exhibition features 22 works in all and will be on view through April 27th  at the Cockran Gallery of the Rehoboth Art League in Rehoboth Beach DE.

Rehoboth Art League      David Linneweh      John Reddington      iTunes


  • Screenprinted Biennial Poster
  • John Hitchcocks Ghosts of Brutality
  • Midwest Pressed Time Machine
  • Midwest Pressed LP 4
  • Erik Waterkottee Ryan Huber Audio Project
  • Shawn Lawson Mobius Sky
  • Karis-Nix TROYBOT
  • Florence Gidez The One to Blame
  • Nathan Meltz Laborers 4
  • Robot Squeegee T-Shirt

Nathan Meltz, Screenprint Biennial

Episode 104:  Nathan Meltz joins us to discuss the Screenprint Biennial which will feature 30 Contemporary Printmakers exploring the medium of screen printing in a wide range that includes traditional approaches, installation, animation and more.

Screenprint Biennial      Kickstarter      Nathan Meltz       iTunes

  • In 3D
  • Still Life with Sunflowers
  • Still Life with Irises
  • Still Life with Frame
  • Monarch
  • Spring is here
  • Godzundheit
  • Another Painting For Your Kitchen

Mel Cook

Episode 103:  Mel Cook  is a painter and a Studio Break 2013 MFA Competition Winner;  her solo exhibition Between the Void opens Sat March 22nd at the Peoria Art Guild.

Mel Cook      Peoria Art Guild       iTunes

  • Clay, Metal, Fiber
  • Tim Kowalczyk shooting gallery
  • Joseph Jenner personalvolume1
  • Lauren Turk Linger Above and Below
  • Tim Kowalczyk analog skies
  • Joseph Jenner penandinkwell
  • Lauren Turk Rouge
  • Tim Kowalczyk dried up
  • Joseph Jenner personalvolume2
  • Lauren Turk Sinister Crustacean

Tim Kowalczyk, Joseph Jenner, Lauren Turk

Episode 102:  We chat with Tim Kowalczyk, Joseph Jenner, and Lauren Turk about their group exhibition: Of Clay, Metal, and Fiber currently at Joliet Junior College.

Tim Kowalczyk      Joseph Jenner      Lauren Turk      Laura A Sprague Gallery      iTunes

  • Syracuse University, 1970, flanked by high school portraits of John and George
  • Playing bass, 1971
  • West Philadelphia,1977
  • Martin Wong, 1984
  • Houston&West Broadway, 1984
  • haring&tseng kwong chi at Semaphore East, 1984
  • with Robert Colescott and Annie Herron at Semaphore East, 1985
  • “New Irrascibles” portrait, with Pat Hearn and other East Village dealers, 1985
  • Snowman built by Bill Conger and Barry at Toney Tasset’s house in Oak Park, 2003
  • Nadia Hotait, 2010
  • Meredith Zielke & Yoni Goldstein.The Jettisoned, 2011
  • Jason Lazarus exhibition, 2011
  • Hurricane Sandy Benefit,2012
  • BB & The Aesthetics, 2012
  • with daughter Leah and Tony Tasset’s “Eye,” Chicago, 2010

Barry Blinderman

Episode 101:  Barry Blinderman joins the podcast with a variety of stories regarding his experiences as a curator, writer, and musician.  In the podcast Barry  describes an informative trip to Europe at nineteen, curating exhibitions in New York, interviewing Andy Warhol and how his passion for art has continued in the Midwest.

Illinois State University Galleries      Bookstore      Soundcloud      iTunes

  • 1941302_10152233301492590_968244638_o
  • Bells_21
  • bells_23
  • hearts15
  • hearts17
  • in_her
  • lightly_bluish
  • sunshines_web

Bill Conger

Episode 100:  Bill Conger returns yet again for our 100th episode of the podcast, we discuss what’s going on in his studio and his most recent series of painting and collage work the bells.

Bill Conger      65GRAND      iTunes

  • As We Grew Closer, It Got Further
  • A Dream (A Place) That Continues To Visit Us
  • Colossal Monolith, Monument to Possibility
  • Dive Duration (Time Pause)
  • Future Formation, Caldera Contained
  • Future Formation, Pulpit Contact
  • Inner (Falls) Out
  • It Was At These Places That We Understood
  • Shattered Monolith, Monument to The Forgotten

Scott Lachlan Dickson

Episode 99:  Scott Lachlan Dickson joins the podcast to discuss his work which incorporates a variety of postcards which are cut and re-arranged into a series of collage works.

Scott Lachlan Dickson       iTunes

  • Untitled 14
  • CS_1_9in
  • Chroma Shadow #6
  • Chroma Shadow #2
  • Chroma Shadow #7jpg
  • Knife Pleats 1-3
  • Untitled 12
  • For Fontana

Gina Hunt

Episode 98:  Gina Hunt has Dave over for a studio visit to talk about her most recent series of paintings that explore light and shadow through a minimalist aesthetic.

Gina Hunt       iTunes

  • mekkelson_nowslices_light
  • mekkelson_nowslices_direction
  • mekkelson_nowslices_bluecrater
  • mekkelson_future
  • mekkelson_ends
  • mekkelson_debrisfield_threewalls2
  • mekkelson_debrisfield_threewalls
  • mekkelson_debrisfield_mocp
  • mekkelson_antenna

Heather Mekkelson

Episode 97:  This weeks episode features sculpture and installation artist Heather Mekkelson who spoke with Dave about some of her past bodies of work as well as her recent sculptures.

Heather Mekkelson      65GRAND       iTunes


  • 10. Rudder
  • 9. Many Happy Returns
  • 8. Gorgon
  • 7. Big Slice
  • Town-Crier-web
  • 5. Another World
  • 4. Mother Box
  • 3. The Maginot Line
  • 2. In Transit
  • 1. Alternative TV

Suzanne Laura Kammin

Episode 96:  In this week’s episode Suzanne Laura Kammin joins Dave to explore her experience as a painter and how her process based works have developed into her most recent series of abstract paintings.

Suzanne Laura Kammin      iTunes

  • Brian Frink
  • Gregory Euclide
  • Al Fack
  • Kate Gomez Jeska
  • Donald Fortenberry
  • Jennie Kiessling Michler
  • Norwood Creech
  • Jesse White
  • Su Kabağı Müzesi
  • John Wooldridge

Brian Frink, RACA

Episode 95:  Brian Frink stops by to share whats new in his studio and discuss RACA or Rural America Contemporary Art, an organization formed a few years ago.

Brian Frink      RACA      RACA Video      iTunes

  • dwidmer_01
  • dwidmer_16
  • dwidmer_05
  • dwidmer_08
  • dwidmer_09
  • dwidmer_10
  • dwidmer_12
  • dwidmer_13
  • dwidmer_15
  • dwidmer_17
  • dwidmer_19

Donovan Widmer

Episode 94:  Donovan Widmer joins the podcast to discuss his small metal and sculptural works that incorporate found objects and explore ideas of protection, temporality, and ornamentation.

Donovan Widmer      iTunes

  • 18small
  • 16small
  • 14small
  • 13small
  • 03small

Melissa Wilkinson

Episode 93:  Melissa Wilkinson is our first featured artist of the year!  Her exquisite watercolor paintings are based off digital collages from a wide variety of archived photos that question the “image” and explore the boundaries  between abstraction and representation.

Melissa Wilkinson       Jan Brandt Gallery      iTunes

  • studiobreak_11
  • Studiobreak_1
  • studiobreak_2
  • studiobreak_3
  • studiobreak_4
  • studiobreak_5
  • studiobreak_6
  • studiobreak_7
  • studiobreak_9
  • studiobreak_10

Steve Adair

Episode 92:  This week our 2013 BFA Competition Winner Steve Adair joins the podcast to talk about his work and his upcoming solo exhibition “Leaf Forms” at Jan Brandt Gallery.

Steve Adair      Jan Brandt Gallery      iTunes

  • install 1
  • install 3
  • …mistress – Regina Agu
  • , Darcy Rosenberger and Guillaume Gelot
  • install 2
  • Jake-W
  • Kerry Adams‘ Reality of Memoriesroses
  • Jonathan Leach
  • PlusPlus – Edward Ramsay-Morin
  • The Everyday – Paul Middendorf
  • TRACE – Andy Mattern, Leigh Merrill, and Pavel Romaniko
  • , A Universal Pictureshadwell

Box 13 Artspace, Mark Harold Ponder

Episode 91: This week Mark Harold Ponder joins the podcast to discuss Box 13 Artspace, a multifunctional contemporary art space  in Houston that hosts over 20 exhibitions a year and currently run by it’s 17 Resident Artists.

Box 13 Artspace      Mark Harold Ponder      iTunes

  • 01_Barren
  • 02_Empty
  • 03_Nostalgia Series
  • 04_Urban People Series
  • 05_Patriots
  • 06_Village House Series
  • 08_Village Series Detail
  • 07_HouseOnTheHill
  • 09_Water Tower Series
  • 10_Civilization Series

Pam Winegard

Episode 90:  Pam Winegard joins us to discuss her studio practice and mixed media works including a recent series started last May at Vermont Studio Center.

Pam Winegard       iTunes

  • AbandonedHouses
  • ComingHome
  • ComingHomeDiningRoomDetail2_crop
  • ComingHomeDiningRoomDetail2
  • ComingHomeKitchen503
  • ComingHomeLivingRoom466
  • exteriordecoration
  • khealy04l
  • khealy06
  • melissanesting

Kay Healy

Episode 89:  Kay Healy joins the podcast this week to discuss her recent works exploring the idea of home through a wide variety of media including screen printing, books, fiber, installation, and new media.

Kay Healy       iTunes

  • New
  • cutting space
  • event horizon
  • Hawaiian Tropic
  • no go
  • No Money Down
  • problems
  • ripped spine
  • scout
  • Sentimental Sunset
  • spare parts
  • Up Do

Travis Medford

Episode 88:  Travis Medford joins us to discuss his college work which combines formal exploration and abstraction through a wide variety of printed and sourced materials.

Travis Medford     iTunes

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 9

Nathan Meltz

Episode 87:  Nathan Meltz  joins us to discuss his animation and collage works which explore how technology effects our day to day life and global world through politics, agriculture, etc…

Nathan Meltz      Quit Job, Press Play, Youtube       iTunes

  • GraceShese8
  • GraceSheese10
  • GraceSheese9
  • GraceSheese7
  • GraceSheese6
  • GraceSheese5
  • GraceSheese4
  • GraceSheese3
  • GraceSheese2
  • GraceSheese1

Grace Sheese

Episode 86: For this weeks podcast we have Ceramic Artist Grace Sheese on to discuss her studio practice and how she came to Art after spending most of her life wanting to be a pediatrician!

Grace Sheese      Merwin Gallery      iTunes

  • Karolak_Studio7
  • Karolak_Studio2
  • Karolak_Studio5
  • Karolak_Studio3
  • Karolak_P_1305
  • Karolak_P_1301
  • Karolak_Studio4
  • Karolak_P_1308
  • Karolak_P_1318
  • Karolak_Studio6
  • Karolak_P_1314

Jason Karolak

Episode 85:  Jason Karolak revisits the podcast to discuss his small scale and large scale paintings, how drawing impacts his studio practice, and his group show up now at McKenzie Fine Art in New York.

Jason Karolak      McKenzie Fine Art      iTunes

  • Vandenberg_WishYouWereHere!
  • Vandenberg_UntitledFabricGravestone
  • Vandenberg_UnderConstruction
  • Vandenberg_SinkOrSwim
  • Vandenberg_SewToSpeakPerformance2_Elsewhere2013
  • Vandenberg_SewToSpeakPerformance_PhotoeCreditValerieWiseman_Elsewhere2013
  • Vandenberg_KingCottonAnaconda copy
  • Vandenberg_DisorderlyConduct
  • Vandenberg_CloudsOfVetricalDevelopment
  • Vandenberg_ComeUndone

Melissa Vandenberg

Episode 84:  Today multimedia artist Melissa Vandenberg joins us to discuss  her work which explores themes of landscape identity.  Her new solo exhibition entitled “Wish You Were Here!” opens at S & J Projects in New York City.

Melissa Vandenberg      S & J Projects      iTunes

  • websitelike4real
  • paradise2.0colorsmall
  • monetizedevolutionmed
  • eurowaveWEB
  • likeguillotinesmall
  • 2012backsmall
  • onemillionbacksmall
  • zerobillfrontsmall
  • P8292440


Episode 83:  Dadara is a multimedia artist who joined us via Skype to discuss various projects including the Exchanghibition Bank and Like 4 Real project which opens at Burning Man in August.

Dadara      Dadara, Facebook     iTunes